Thursday, 8 December 2016

Seven and ten

Seven years of living together, and my husband has become a blanket snatcher in the past two months! Hoho! But no, we haven't driven each other up the wall too much. And I recently realised that we have never shouted at each other, only at the kids when they tick us off. In all, we have also been together for 10 years now!

So to celebrate this milestone, we had good meat at Gyuu+ on Monday. We passed on the limited buffet and opted for a few good cuts instead. It wasn't filling but it was so good!

Sito cooking beef, me rocking Yu

We went to Toy R Us at Suntec, looking for presents for the boys. It is rare for us to give them presents as we would only do so on special occasions, though I was sorely disappointed that we won't be the first to give them Tobots. But in any case, we couldn't find the particular Tobot at Toy R Us; the one online would arrive only after Christmas. So we're still considering options. A thought came to me, that perhaps rather than toys, we can give them wonderful experiences instead :)

We were still hungry and I was super thirsty. So very soon, we sat down again. The plan was to go to the Popular book fair to get the membership but well, we got lazy and we don't really need a Popular membership yet so we headed back for our fave activity - foot reflexology!! But the three places we asked at had no space for us at that time so we went home to rest instead.

A simple snack and drink :)

Fast forward a little now... I finished watching Descendants of the Sun on Tuesday night. Yesterday, I was googling for the funny dialogues and found this. I sent the link to Sito in the afternoon and when he came home in the evening, he did #2 to me :p Yes, Dear, just confess it already!

Looking forward to more years ahead, blanket or no blanket :)

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