Monday, 12 December 2016

Class photos and mug shots

I was searching this site but t couldn't find any post on their class photos last year. I must have forgotten to post. In the past two months, I realised I had forgotten a lot of things in the past two to three years, e.g. I had a numb tongue after delivery, Yang liked to look at the ceiling fan at Mum's place, newborn days are tough (!) and a to-do list during maternity leave is a silly thing...

But I digress...

So, 2015 shots first...

A stately look with the tiniest hint of a smile

Another rather stately look - first row, third from right

It was amazing that all the babies were looking at the camera! Oh, I think I posted this on Facebook and said the same thing :p

This year, the school asked again for white socks and shoes. I bought white socks but I didn't get white shoes - they are not practical for everyday wear and I'm not buying shoes for one-time wear! So I got them proper shoes. More like sneakers really. In solid colours. As expected, I wasn't the only parent who didn't provide white shoes!

Such a happy Kai! (second row, third from right)

But he gave an un-natural smile for his individual shot *.*

I wonder if I had given him too much pressure to remember to smile for the camera... I mean, he can smile for the camera at check-in/out...

Ok, slightly better...

More than slightly better...

Oops, wrong one!

Ahhh, better!

See, he can be so photogenic!

Yang gave a very stately smile in the class photo - second row seated, third from left

And became expressionless for his individual shot *.*

But his smile can move mountains!

Even when he's covered in chocolate!

Or making a face!

Ok, I'm super cutified by them and need see them instead of their photos now!

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