Friday, 9 December 2016

Yu's routine at two months

Routine, routine, routine - my fave thing about babying!

I remember bathing Yang at about 5.30 pm every day during maternity leave. But I didn't do that for Kai; we didn't have a helper back then to cook for me so I went out for dinner downstairs, which means I could only bathe him after 6 pm. And I was randomly clicking through my blog when I found this - so I bathed Kai quite late! Now with Yu, I'm using the same bathing routine as for Yang, i.e. at 5.30 pm, or earlier if he poops already.

He's only two months but I have already turned the bath tub around to accommodate his bigger size. And I have difficulty holding him for long when washing his hair. Will have to put his butt on the counter soon. Even for Kai who was bigger than Yang, I started doing these bigger baby tweaks much later. Now I wonder if I would have to transit him to shower with me earlier than he goes to infant care - I won't bathe him when he returns from school next time, only weekends. But to shower with him on weekdays at 5.30 pm will be tough - Sito won't be there to wipe him while I wipe myself, i.e. I'll be cold prioritising wiping my baby.. Shall see how...

Yu's poop routine is very amazing - morning upon waking up (or his poop wakes him!), afternoon about 2 pm and later around 5 pm. What's more amazing is that he tends to poop when propped up on my thighs! So when we're out, he doesn't do his 2 pm poop. When we get home, I just need to prop him up and he will go! But if he does his 2 pm later, he tends not to do his 5 pm. Then I'll have to watch out for middle of the night poop.... Btw, his poop is like Kai's - explosive! I keep having to change his clothes and often mine as well *.*

As for feeding, Yu is no longer feeding every hour or less. He can go beyond three hours if he's sleeping now. But if he's awake, he may still nurse every hour in an attempt to fall asleep. Unfortunately, he doesn't take the pacifier very well. In the same vein, he is not taking well to the bottle - super stressed coz he has to take the bottle when I go back to work!

Yu naps the most when I wear him, just like Kai. But when I sit down, he wakes! So no movie with Yu :( Even foot reflexology is tough - both times, one of the staff had to carry him around when he woke *.*

Lying on me the last 15 mins coz he seemed to want milk...

Tried the stroller for the first time on Wednesday but...

After some 10 min, he fell asleep in the stroller, yeah! But the moment the stroller stopped, he woke... Luckily, I was ready for some cuddling time too, with a cuppa at Costa.

Happy tea time with Mama!

Yu is napping in bed now as I type, all swaddled up. Morning time is when he naps most consistently coz I seldom go out so early and even on weekends, when his noisy brothers are around, I try to segregate them to allow him to nap properly.

Night has been thankfully better. I can sometimes put him down drowsy and he falls asleep. But this week has been tough.. He cried between 7.30 pm and 9/9.30 pm from Sunday to Tuesday. It was so difficult for Sito and I to get him down. My fave trick of lying down to nurse him to sleep didn't work too well - it's difficult to keep him on his side on his mattress, so I have to prop myself up to nurse him, which hurts my shoulder and back a lot.

On Wednesday, we tried to avert the crying episode by continuing to carry him after he fell asleep instead of trying to put him in bed. Success! But from 3.30 am, he woke every 30-45 mins!! Worst night ever! I had to take two naps yesterday *.* Last night, we managed better - averted evening crying and normal night waking, i.e. two-hourly, phew! Yu ah, you'd better sleep better soon. No more naps for Mama to catch up on sleep when I go back to work :(

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