Monday, 12 December 2016

Updates on Clan Sito

Clan Sito finally ventured out beyond Holland Village on Saturday!

I received an email from Toy R Us about half-price lego last week and showed it to Sito. Then on Saturday afternoon, he suddenly decided that we should go to Toy R Us! I was coughing - still am - but it was a pretty exciting venture, isn't it?? If not this time, we would have to go out Christmas weekend coz school will be closed on Saturday, Mum they all will be away and Monday is a public holiday - can't hole the kids up at home for three days straight!

After their nap, the big boys had yoghurt, and then were watching TV and wouldn't move until I asked if they would like some juice?!! Kai immediately turned the TV off!

Took a double decker bus to town. Sito and Kai went upstairs, leaving Yang, N and I downstairs. Yang was so cute - he wanted to press the bell but when it was time, he turned to the bell, saw two aunties smiling at him and decided he would not touch the bell!

Thoughts of juice dissipated at the sight of Toys R Us

Kai unexpectedly picked out Tobot D partnered by Dolly

Yang was swinging between Tobot X and Tobot Y and later even Lego

We got the toys gift-wrapped and told them that they could open it only on Christmas day. Kai has been refusing to learn time so I took this opportunity to tell him that he would know exactly when if only he knew about time...

Oh, we ended up with no Lego *.*

Thoughts of juice came back as we walked from Forum to Tanglin Mall. Thoughts alone can fuel a "very tired" Kai. His younger brother was walking happily with no complaints leh... *.*

The happy five!

Watching Kungfu Panda in Chilis - good place for the kids except for the narrow booth seats

Yang got a kiddy meal too but he refused to eat more than a couple of spoonfuls of rice..

Posing at the bus stop

Yang has lots of interesting expressions. So that's the cute hand pose one above, and more below.

Oh! Super exaggerated!

Funny lopsided lip pose - sometimes he does this balanced :B

Anyway, we started dinner early at 5.30 pm and left before 6.30 pm. We got another double decker bus and this time, Yang followed Kai up the stairs! I could hear them from downstairs. It struck me that bus/train rides are usually quite quiet. Unless my boys happen to be there *.*

When we got home, everyone had to shower. Quite a rush! I first showered Kai and Yang and myself together (!) while N showered - she rather showers in the toilet *.* - and Sito carried Yu. Then I bathed Yu while Sito showered and N sent Yang to bed; Kai stayed awake until Yang fell asleep. Then I sent Kai in and switched roles with Sito.

It was a pretty successful outing although Kai was uncooperative at first in taking the family photo. And of course, someone had to not like his food... Hope we can be more independent soon and go out without N.

Sunday was a significant day too. Yu happened to nap very well in the morning so we had some time to spend with both Kai and Yang.

They piled toys on Papa...

And Mama spent a lot of time with Yang in the afternoon coz Yu was nicely occupied by his grandpa/ma/aunt!

I was so happy! This was even better than Friday when I took him out of school early for an afternoon snack! Coz when we got home, it was near the end of the day when I had to feed Yu etc and couldn't be too hands on with Yang.

Just Yang and Mama (and Yu sleeping on me)

Yang accompanied me by playing with my hairband, hair clips and shoulder massager while I was nursing Yu

Finished up Sunday by sending both Kai and Yang to bed at the same time. Kai decided to go to bed early, I think, coz he couldn't watch video anyway - he fussed and whined on Saturday night due to connection issue and/or video selection issue. Since his videos are making him unhappy, and we think they have a role to play in his lack of patience, I told him there would be no more bedtime video for him. He remembered that on Sunday and played toys while Yang watched videos - good for him! - though he peeked here and there. When Yang can be reasoned with, he will join Kai in playing toys or reading.

But they took more than an hour to fall asleep. First, we read two books - I had to insist on reading each only once. Yang's concept of "last time" needs improvement... But he understood his milk was waiting...! Then they were noisy for a while. Finally convinced Kai to stay quiet while Yang yakked on. Eventually, Yang dropped off to lalaland. As I pushed their beds together to cover the spot on the floor I was sitting on, Kai whispered "goodnight, Mama" - so sweet!!!!!

A random insertion of Yang's 杰作 on Sunday afternoon at Mum's place

Kai and Yang also just finished their first week of K1 and N1 respectively. Kai was very happy to know on Monday that he was going to K1. Yang a little clueless but he knows excitement when he sees it!

Kai: I'm going to K1! I'm going to tell Papa! (Papa was asleep!)

Kai: I'm going to K1. Then I'll go K2.
Mama: Yes, but finish K1 first!

Mama: Yang, you're going to N1 today!
Yang: N1B! (Actually it's N1A..)

And how about Yu? Well, Mum "broke" him - he took the pacifier for more than a few seconds! Hopefully, with that, he may slowly become more open to the bottle...

Pacified on Papa

And he can hold his head up high!

Though he can flop down quickly too. Grow stronger, my boy!

And we finally place the baby gym permanently in the kids' room on 30 Nov. Yu spends some time there kicking around every day. He will stare at the toys and try to hit them - purposefully or accidentally? Not sure yet!

The big boys like to crowd around Yu on the baby gym

Oh, how about the parents? Both still tired. Sito still has a headache. I still have my backache. End of report :p

Not really la... We have a few updates too!

Sito celebrated his birthday with his three boys :)

Then we had a little couple time (plus baby)

Another shot at the Taka tree!

Last shot at Taka tree back in 2007! Spot the difference?!

And then of course we had our little anniversary do. Sito will be clearing leave in the last two weeks of December. Looking forward to more couple time!

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