Saturday, 24 December 2016

My growing boys

My babies are growing up fast.

It has been two weeks since we barred Kai from YouTube. So far so well. He takes peeks often. But as Sito is on leave these two weeks, he has been having lots of fun playing with Papa as well.

"I'll just see Didi's..."

"Yes, this is better than video!"

This morning, I asked Kai to count the number of wheels on the wall decal of the circus train. He counted correctly from left to right, and then backwards before telling me - 36!

mf: Why did you count twice?
Kai: Because there are two sides.
mf: Where did you learn that from?
Kai: Um, the train...

Enough to say that I was impressed :)

But he still does goofy things!!

Yup, he poured sand all over himself at the indoor playground today *.* The two of them spent the entire time - worth $40 btw - in the sandpit. I think this was Yang's first time in an indoor playground post infant-hood whereas Kai had been many times, oops...

Anyway... Yang has graduated from the high chair. But it's a nightmare as it's hard to keep him at the dining table! But Yu will be using the high chair in three or four months so it's better to keep it first so Yang doesn't think Yu is taking his place. Yang is still using it outside though - just to curb his mobility!

"I eat biscuit!"

Growing up but still super cute!

Little Yu is showing the most progress, obviously. He's talking so much more now. He even shouted out loud twice in the past week. Sometimes, we'll look at each other, and he'll start to talk to me so I'll chat with him.

Yu: Uh...
mf: Oh, you want to poo poo?
Yu: Uh...
mf: But you can't?
Yu: Uh...
mf: That's tough..
Yu: Uh...
mf: Let me help you, ok?

I've also been removing his mittens often to let him feel his surroundings - my hands, his toys, the sheets. He has been trying to hit his toys. Today, he started staring at his fist.

"It makes a noise when I hit it.. Let's try again..."

"I thought I found my fist but it was blue!"

It's Christmas tomorrow. The kids are excited about opening their presents tomorrow and so am I! :) Marry Christmas!!

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