Thursday, 29 December 2016

Impressed by Kai

So many stories of Kai today!

When I got to school this evening, I saw Kai grabbing his transformer out of his bag and going towards his friends. I called after him at the door but he neither saw nor heard me. His teacher told me that he was going to show the toy to his friends.

Kai didn't even manage to get back to the table as six or seven of his friends started to crowd around him. He told them that he would share the toy with one of them. Me me me! They said.. But Kai had already started going "eni mini mani mo" and what spider etc etc, eventually landing on a K2 boy standing behind his old friend A, who was angry ho ho!

At this point, I was so regretting I left my phone at home - missed a great photo op!

Anyway, the lucky boy told Kai very loudly that he (Kai) could go to his house to play transformers together! Then Kai did a little demo before handing the toy to him as the crowd started to disperse. In the meantime, Yang came out so I went after him to help him with his shoes. Kai came out soon after.

As Sito had a dinner appointment, I quickly went to shower after getting back so that I could take over Yu. Dinner could wait as I wasn't hungry. Imagine my surprise and joy when I came out of the shower to see that Kai has finished most of his food! Think it was coz he wanted to be taller than V whom we will see this Saturday. Well, I managed his expectations that only consistency begets results :p

Sito managed to put Yu in bed, asleep. But he soon stirred so I carried him while the older boys had their shower. Kai was playing with Sito in the past two weeks so with Papa away and me occupied with Yu, he asked Yang to play with him but got a flat no from the video addict. So he obliged my request to play on his own quietly - really!

When Yang went to bed, I told Kai to continue to play quietly and that I would join him after setting Yu down. He surprised me by saying that it was ok for me to go settle baby. And...

Kai: Sometimes I'd say, "MAMA, COME SIT DOWN AND PLAY WITH ME!"
mf: (wa liao, so fierce)
Kai: But now it's ok, you can go.

I was so impressed by such an understanding boy!

After setting Yu down in the bed, I decided to give him the decongestant in the dark. I went out to measure the thing before going back in. Kai was curious and followed me to have a look. I told him what I was doing and asked him to go play quietly outside. As he left the room, he pushed the door open and let in some light, saying, "I'll give you some light ok?" So nice of him!!

Then I went outside to play with him. Actually I just sat there and talked about his toys :p I also told him very frankly that I don't know how to play robots as I had never played with robots as a kid!

Kai: Then what do you play? *bewildered*
mf: Well, I didn't have a lot of toys but I read. I love reading and I'm still reading!
Kai: But reading is not fun!! Playing toys is fun...
mf: That's coz you have not discovered the joy in reading...
Kai: *what's she talking about*

Anyway... So seeing how good he's been since we got home, I told him that he could go to bed at 8 pm even if Yang fell asleep earlier. Turned out Yang slept at 7.55 pm so Kai had five minutes. But he asked so nicely - and in a super cute way - to play for a little bit longer, I gave him another five minutes. And when I went to his room with him, I also stayed a little big longer with him. He can be so sweet and nice!

Like last weekend. Sito had a wedding lunch on Sunday so I had to handle both Yu and Kai at Kai's nap time; N took Yang. Yu was sleeping in my arms so I invited Kai to nap in my bed since there was space. He was cheeky for a while but as I was so tired and dozing off, I just held his hand a little and he grew quiet as he saw me doze off. Ok, I admit I pretended a little :p But I really did doze off for real even before I saw him sleep. When Yu woke me less than an hour later, I saw that Kai had fallen asleep in a foetal position :)

On Monday, Kai also napped in our bed but with Sito as I was busy with a wide awake baby

Kai can be very competitive at times, e.g. he always wants to win (even rock-scissors-paper) and he wants to be taller than his brothers. He can also be very whiny and irritating, which I guess might be a common thing among kids his age. But he can be such a dear when he's on his best behaviour! And who am I kidding... He can be endearing even when he is naughty too, like running all over the place happily - messy and noisy but everyone loves a happy kid!

I took Yang out for a ice cream a couple of weeks back. I hope to bring Kai out another day too, hopefully to the library, hopefully to try new foods but most certainly, ice cream is on the cards...

Update 30 Dec 2016

Well, this morning, he started crying as I was leaving the centre. "I want Mama!" Gosh, it was like N1 all over again! *.* Never mind, it will only get better...

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