Thursday, 3 November 2016

The boys in October

I've been so busy with Yu the past month that his brothers are finding their Mama MIA... Just this morning, coz I was so tired from handling Yu last night, I slept through Yang's goodbyes to me and only vaguely remember Kai saying byebye :( Must sayang them more tonight...

The big brothers had some fun times in October - concert and Halloween party in school!

In their concert costumes

Kai danced to Uh-ee while Yang danced to MJ's Beat It. I couldn't be there but Sito took videos. But Kai was blocked by a classmate in front while Yang was wearing a hat and was difficult to spot, sighs..

Kai being led out for the finale

Source: School FB 

Yang being led out for finale

Source: School FB 

We received the hat a few days later and Yang paired it with sunglasses - cool!

I'm a cheapo mama who won't spend on Halloween costumes. So I reused a Daiso cape for Kai and bought an axe and a pumpkin head wand from Daiso. Kai didn't like the cape last year (or was it two years ago?!) but he loved it this time!

So cute, sure get treats instead of tricks :p

I asked Yang to give me a scary face a couple of weeks back and he did. Then Monday, when I asked him to show me scary face again, he gave me cute face! In fact, he gave the same cute face for scary, angry and cute ^_^

The original scary face

Super cute faces of Yang

When N eventually took her Sunday off, Mum helped to send the boys back from her place in the evening. Sito showered Yang and for the first time, brushed his teeth for him. When Yang was done, I put his diapers on and found a big butt staring at me - he's grown so big now! I really couldn't remember the last time I put diapers on him already, sighs..

Say ahhhh...

In other news, we've been trying underwear on Yang - this was before he peed on the sofa...

Well, we'll try every weekend to help him get used to it. Hopefully, we can achieve day dryness soon...

Love how he sits crosslegged

Mama, do you know how to transform this?

Honestly, I don't. But my big boy does! He can transform the whole Devastator set and more! And he'll teach me by showing me and having me do it. I love being taught by my son :)

One toy for each boy - Yang put Jigajung on Yu :p

I'm thinking of bringing the older boys out on some Fridays during my leave, when I'm more settled into bringing Yu out. Will be fun to take them out a bit earlier, after their nap in school, to go to the playground, have ice cream, play toys etc. Just want to spend some time with them during off peak - peak hours in the mornings and the evenings are just too chaotic sometimes, what with their meals and getting ready for school or bed.

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