Thursday, 3 November 2016

Yu, the fat baby

Yu has really grown a lot. Yesterday, I realised that he's growing out of range for the single-arm hold!

Check out those succulent cheeks!

I attribute his birth weight - highest of our three - to avocados. In the past three weeks plus since we came home, he has been nursing hourly or more frequently when awake. I could almost see the flesh piling on him! Very happy to see that though my arms and back will complain very soon...

First pump using my new Haakaa on 26 October

First bottle - frozen milk! - given lovingly by Papa on 31 October

Finally noticed Jigajung! And swiped it off the bed!

As he begins to notice more of his surroundings, he's also beginning to make more sounds that are more than his usual throaty grunts. Very cute! Downside? He's more alert and less sleepy...

Since last Thursday, Yu has decided to stay awake from 8 pm to as late as midnight - why??! And nursing doesn't help. In fact, he fusses at the breast. We think it is gas :( Thankfully, Sito was around to help me take him when I was tired. But now that the weekend is over, I'm back to solo-ing it as Sito has night calls every day except Friday, sighs..

Papa found a new way to calm Yu - lifting him up and down!

Yu looks like a turkey in this hold :p I commented that 我们好像在玩 baby, and Sito said that it was more like baby 在玩我们 hoho!! Sito is finding Yu getting heavier too so it's quite siong to lift him up and down. Else I thought Sito's method is better than this, which is effective but requires a change of hands and position.

But this baby can doze off while being burped *.*

Yesterday, we napped until 5.45 pm so Yu didn't sleep until seven plus and his awake time was shifted later too - we were up 2.45 am to almost 5 am!!

That said, Yu has been a rather predictable baby. I know roughly when and how much he naps and sleeps and wakes. And if he fusses, he wants milk; else he has gas and needs to burp or fart or poop. Even his poop is predictable - after waking, lunch and before shower. Miss any of those poops, I'll be in for night poops...

得意 look when he pooped five minutes after I changed him!

This boy poops like Kai - explosively! Just this morning, I was thinking he might have pooped coz I smelled something. And when I wanted to check, I saw poop on my shirt! As I exclaimed, he let rip another one and poop came SPLUTTERING out of his diaper! Luckily, the poop only dirtied more of my tee, not the bed! But as I lifted him up to go change, some poop dripped down on the side of the bassinet - I wiped it down later. And when I was nursing him later, I saw a bit of yellow on my duvet - of course it was poop too! Argh, what to do? 有进就有出 *.*

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