Friday, 28 June 2013

Standing tall, standing strong

My last day of MC. Still feeling super sian about the whole thing, but I will be fine.

My first day of restarting TCM to condition my body. Bitter, yes, but I will endure it..

Today, ZK's IFC was closed for teambuilding. It's very tiring to have him at home the whole day cos he would not just play in his play area and I keep having to go after him and persuade him back without him getting pissed. He likes to extend his play to our shoes, the router, the washing machine, the drying rack and even the rubbish chute!

So we must go out, and our day started with dim sum at Red Star. Sito decided on that as it's such an institution and I'd never been there.

The first thing we ordered was porridge so that ZK could have his lunch - he finished 80% of the bowl! We ate slowly as it was push-cart style so we had to wait for things to come our way.. ZK fell asleep before we were done, cos he napped for only 30 min in the morning. I think I like the experience and most of the items we had, especially the durian pancake! Sito just read that the egg tarts are good - I didn't order cos Sito doesn't eat egg tarts :( Next time!

ZK woke on the way home so we got off the train earlier to go to Happy Willow at One North. We had a lot of fun there, and all for $10! Pictures later...

At first, we set him in the ball pool.

Then he crawled about on the mat and played with blocks and other toys. He was so happy and started standing up on his own and stayed standing for quite a while and even clapped his hands! :) It was such an improvement from Wednesday night when he delighted me by standing up on his own without support! But he did that on his bed so it wasn't steady. And I was so afraid he would fall off his bed if he did that without me around!

He did fall at Happy Willow when he let go of a giant cushion and took a step forward! But he got up promptly and all were happy although a red mark appeared briefly on his little left cheek.

He also wandered to a wooden horse and rode on it!

When I put him on a little chair, he took a cup and brought it to his mouth - now who taught him that?! Time to sterilise the sippy cup for first use! An older boy saw him as customer and brought him "food" - quite cute :)

We emerged after some two hours, when ZK got tired. We packed our dinner at One North and got some groceries from Cold Storage downstairs before coming back to rest. ZK was really tired so we packed him off to bed before 7 pm.

We thought Happy Willow was great for ZK and us although Sito thought it was more tiring for him there than at home while I thought the opposite for me.

mf: You know why?
Sito: Why?
mf: Cos when we're home, you're usually in bed!

In Happy Willow, we just sat at arm's length and watched ZK play, intervening only when necessary, like when he was in the ball pool to prevent him from sinking all the way in and protecting him from older but clueless toddlers. The place was well equipped and friendly. We changed his diapers and warmed up a bottle of water for his afternoon milk feed there.

Anyway, I'm wondering when I should wean ZK from nursing. In the past week or so, ZK hasn't been nursing like he did. The duration is shorter, his suction is on-off, and on Wednesday morning, he even poked at my nipple before almost leaping off my lap! I felt so rejected *.* Well, better that he be ready to wean than for me to wean him if he's not ready.. I'll just carry on and see what happens...

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  1. Sorry to hear this, but I m being told have to stop nursing if preggy.

    That time I found out I'm expecting unexpectedly, my gynae asked me to stop nursing so as not to affect the development of the baby, that was 6plus week, n no hear beat detected.


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