Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Day four of HFMD

Thought his rash seemed to be subsiding. And then after lunch, I saw two red bits after wiping his ass, sighs..

It's been a long day. I took a nap in the morning when Mum came over to help. Had some pretty weird dreams! Only remember one in which I was making porridge for ZK..

I did make porridge early this morning - beef porridge with vege stock. But he refused to take it :( Later, I mixed it into some brown rice cereal and he took it happily. What blasphemy!

Anyway, the afternoons are always more difficult cos he's usually awake more. So after lunch, he played for quite a bit, went places he shouldn't, stared in bewilderment when Sito came back for his luggage - kena called to KL suddenly :( No husband until Saturday morning :(

Papa, where are you going? I want to go too!

But it was after his nap that was really tiring - he had to be carried all the time! And I must be standing or moving, not sitting!! And on a day when my tailbone pain has subsided but a butt muscle was starting to ache - more on that later..

Somehow, we got by with the laundry as a distraction - great, just remember I still have some items in the dryer! Well, anyway, I managed to put him down and throw clothes into the dryer. Later, just before dinner time, he decided that it was ok to come down and play after all. Phew! Went to collect clothes from the dryer and managed to hang some up before he came over to find me. That explains why some clothes remain inside, and why I must stop now lest I forget about them again! Pea brain!

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