Friday, 7 June 2013

Less happy day

Cos my tummy was funny today :( The first time, ZK was strapped in his seat so I just kept talking while in the toilet. He was quite happy kicking his legs and hitting his tray and occasionally seeing my outstretched arm from the toilet. Yes, I had to keep the door open!

The second time, I left him in a hurry in our bedroom where he was flipping books. While in the toilet, I was so worried that he would wander to the stroller area and fibre connection area. Well, no fear, cos he chased a plastic ball to the kitchen instead - I could see him kneeling and looking under the cabinet for his ball. "Uh-oh" :p Super cute :) But the next thing I knew, he crawled in *.* Super gross!! But he wasn't interested in me at all. He was trying to go for the slippers and peering over me at the toilet brush. In between supporting the little standing man and stopping him from grabbing stuff, I somehow managed to clean up but one little hand touched the toilet bowl - yeeks! Wash hands together!

Then poor ZK caught his left fourth finger in the kitchen stand cabinet too. It was slight but he cried for a couple of minutes. Poor thing :( So besides the drawer in our bedside table, he can now open the kitchen stand cabinet and a drawer in the built-in cabinet which contains baby-proofing stuff, what irony..

Taken the next day - he put it into his mouth just as I snapped this shot! Look so funny :p

Oh, I forgot to mention earlier - ZK can point at stuff now. But the only thing he could definitely name is his plastic ball. And he doesn't point to that - he either looks at it or holds it up for me. He also seems to understand the phone - he brought it to his ears (or thereabouts!) a few times.

And, very important - he seems to like durian! Had three little bits from my durian strudel :)

Today also marks the first time he took two long naps - more than 1.5 hr each! Hmmm, seems like quite a happy day leh, heh :p

Anyway, another reason I'm not all happy is that I'm having a dull gastric pain now. Nothing debilitating but it just hurts continuously. I should find a better position than this.

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