Monday, 3 June 2013

As we embark on our fifth year..

ZK is in his third HFMD day, and I have come down with a cold... While Sito will be in Singapore this week, he's going to work late tonight and be in Jakarta again (from?) next week.

"Ball!" Nicely occupied with balls in his bathtub - five days of bathing in this!

I was a little sleepy after the medicine. Thankfully, ZK was quite happily "reading" on the floor in our bedroom so I was in a state of 半梦半醒 for a good 45 min. I woke to find him holding a small bit of the book - he tore the stem of a cut-down apply off the page!!

We then played a little game - he would take my phone and I would ask for it from him. He would place it in my outstretched palm, and if he didn't regret it (:p), I would take it and say thanks. Then I would look at it for a moment and place it slightly further away from him. He would go for the phone and we played the game again :) Once he would drop the phone accidentally and he went uh-oh many times haha!

As I type, I can feel the drowsiness setting in from my second dose of the medicine.. I should go sleep while I can...

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