Thursday, 6 June 2013

Happy day!

Cos ZK was happy today!

We played and read in the morning. He didn't ask to be carried a lot, which was good. He napped for only a short while in the morning but it was enough for me to cook his porridge and wash up, phew!

Then we played until lunch time, when, yes, blasphemy wrt my beef porridge, he would only have it with brown rice cereal.

Mum and I then went for lunch downstairs. ZK tried some barley - from a straw! He succeeded in sucking up the drink, and he liked it! But it was rather sweet so I didn't let him have too much. Mum gave him a noodle, like a strand of noodle - is that the right 量词 for noodle?? Anyway, he refused to have it plain. We added some chicken soup, and he lapped it all up! He was so happy in the restaurant even when he wasn't being fed and was justing looking around, touching stuff. Pictures later..

Cute face :)

I want to eat! I want to eat!

I like the noodles, yeah!

He was also very happy yesterday..

Cos he found buttons on the duvet cover!!

Then we went home for a mama-and-son nap - two plus hours for him (yay!) and almost an hour for me (yay yay!) - so happy :) The nap did him good - after that, he wasn't clingy and played on his own a lot. At one point, I turned on the TV cos I was so bored! Thankfully, he was more interested in the remote control than the TV!

And he played with me. He crawled to the glass table before and I said nono. This afternoon, he purposely crawled towards the glass table, stopped before reaching, sat and turned to smile at me, then carried on towards the table! Cheeky boy! We had a lot of fun though :) But he dropped my phone a few times and cracked the screen!! Oh well, time to get a new phone for my empty iPhone 5 cover...

Dinner was oats! Decided to re-introduce it to him, and I'm glad I did! He took a few mouthfuls and decided that he didn't like it - plain. I added a bit of soy milk, which he had tried before and liked, and he ate the whole bowl. This boy sure knows how to pick his food.. Perhaps I should get some full fat milk already.. Yummy..

We played a bit in the bath - actually more like he played while I got wet.. Gave him a head massage while drying his long hair - he sat very still! This boy also knows how to enjoy life hur... He rolled around quite a bit but he eventually fell asleep in a funny position. Last checked, he was in a better position. Please stay asleep until after 6 am! :)

Update 10 Jun 2013

Silly me.. I was showing Sito my cracked phone and it turned out that it wasn't cracked at all! It was just a very bad scratch on the screen protector *.* Still can buy new phone? :p

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