Monday, 10 June 2013

Baby talk

ZK pointed at me and said mama while waiting for the lift!! :)

Before that, I thought he said 猫 when I pointed one out to him.

And back at home, he looked at the light and said 灯灯 finally!

Love hearing him talk :)

Anyway, today was the first day back at IFC! And we barely stepped into the grounds when it started pouring crazily! So lucky...

Had to bring along a doctor's letter certifying him fit for school. Brought him to the doctor at 8.30 am yesterday. Everything was fine but there was a red spot on his thigh away from the other ex-spotty area that the doctor couldn't be sure if it was HFMD. So he told me to monitor until Tuesday - if it disappeared, could certify fit; if it did not disappear, it was probably not HFMD, also could certify fit... Wth?!

We got a second opinion at 10.30 am. This older doctor was great - he checked ZK's mouth, hands and feet. "If there is no rash on the hands and feet, then it's not hand foot mouth la!" He had a point!! So yes, we got our letter. Papa and Mama were happy. ZK was happy too - back to more toys at IFC!!

Anyway, I don't know if it was linked to our first day in school/at work after a week away, but I had a dream last night - I dreamt that I was looking for my NJ uniform on the morning that school started, and I could find only the top!! I was freaking out in my dream *.* It was not the first time I dreamt of uniform trouble but I can't remember if I had such a dream on my first day of something too..

Oh, yesterday morning, something funny happened. ZK was nursing but got distracted by my phone on his bed. So he let go and went for the phone. It was about 10 min so I thought he had had enough so I drew my PJs shut again - I wore the top kimono style. Then he dropped the phone and turned to me only to find no milk milk factory. He kept staring at my PJs. And then, slowly, he pulled on my top until he saw flesh. Pulled more and ah, food! And he had more to drink. It must be the first time he found food himself! Dear baby, one more month ok? After that, it's the bottle, sigh...

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