Sunday, 2 June 2013

ZK has HFMD!!

He felt warmer than usual on Saturday morning, measuring 37.3, but I thought he might be hot from playing in his long PJs. So off to school he went while I went to collect a toy I bought from an online bulk buy and ran some errands, including getting his birthday present! To be revealed...

When Sito and I went to fetch him, he was warmer on one side cos he just woke. But when we it home, he was hot! And while it was normal for him to be quiet along the way in his stroller, it was unlike him to be so lethargic that he didn't even move forward to be carried off the stroller once home. True enough, fever of 38.4!

At NUH A&E, he registered 38.6 :( But we were seen fairly quickly. Told the doc about the four HFMD cases in school among the older kids. He confirmed ZK had HFMD after seeing a blister on each foot and two ulcers in his mouth. MC until Thursday. Then we had to see a GP to certify him fit for school.

Force fed paracetamol to ZK and he took a nap. He was all active and smiling after that, phew! He was such a poor thing before that! So we decided to go ahead with our plan to leave him with Mum for a few hours while we had our anniversary inner at Bornga - very good!

Even while down with HFMD, he did two things worth mentioning. Actually everything he does is worth mentioning :) He was playing at the bedside table when he suddenly pulled the drawer open! Time to install baby locks.. He was playing with his mechanical giraffe when I asked for it with my hand outstretched. He threw it into my hand! The next few times, he simply put it on my hand. And today, I added "thanks" when he gave me a toy.

More blisters today, around his mouth, on his arms and legs. I read that they shouldn't be itchy. I hope he doesn't get more ulcers though - I know how painful that is! I'm glad his appetite remains healthy. In fact, he drank lots more plain water than usual.

He's still happy though clingy towards the end of the day. Perhaps cos he didn't sleep enough - he totally didn't want his morning nap and napped for only an hour at 1 plus. Put him in bed by 7 pm, although he stirred a few times already.

Yup, happy baby! Woke up and played with his pacifier as usual :)

The next five days will be challenging; it's been a while since I took care of him on my own, full time! Besides making porridge for lunch and bathing him, the most difficult thing is keeping him engaged when he's awake. Sighs.. Anyway, a big pot of stock is simmering now. Lucky Mum will prepare his lunch tmr so I only need to start on Tuesday. I just hope that his missing his morning nap today was just one-off else making porridge will be challenging!

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