Thursday, 11 July 2013

"All I want for my birthday is a tooth.."

.. And you've got it!

Just now ZK was playing and laughing in bed so I took the chance to look into his mouth. Couldn't see. So I put a finger in and what did I feel but some jagged edges on the bottom! So happy! No wonder a couple of nights ago, he was opening and closing his jaws on his gums and I heard what sounded like teeth.

He was in a happy mood and let me touch his gums all around. But I didn't find more teeth cutting through.

So he must have been teething the past couple of weeks. Think I'll give him some teething gel if he wakes in the middle of tonight.

This almost eclipsed the other major thing today - he took a step, unsupported! I was having some fruits in the morning and he was coming at me so I put the bag on the bench. Then he decided to leave me and go for the bag. That was when he let go and took that first step without support before his little hands found the bench.

What a lovely last day of his first year of life outside my belly :)

Tomorrow, I'll be on half day leave. Be bringing him home for a nap. If there's time after that, I'll bring him to Happy Willow again. Else, we'll just hang out until 5 pm when his birthday celebration will start with a little traditional ceremony at Mum's place - more details later!

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