Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Expensive day

The net worth of my teeth just grew by $600 at 3.40 pm today.

I had a series of ulcers while I was still pregnant. I thought they were due to hormones but they remained. I thought I had HFMD but nothing on my hands and feet. Then I read horrible things about oral cancers and decided to get things checked out.

Doc said my white lines were unusual but not the usual suspicious types. He said only a biopsy would give a 100% answer but I didn't need to do that. He also wouldn't recommend a swab so it was as good as not doing. He suspected the white lines were due to my teeth and gave me a mini lecture on keratin on our skin and parts of our mouth. So I got myself fitted with a splint which cost a whooping $600!! Will be collecting it some days later..

But near where an ulcer just healed, he saw a red and white spot that was odd cos it wasn't caused by a wisdom tooth. Had an x-ray for that cos I forgot where my remaining wisdom tooth was - I took out three of my four so I have a odd number of teeth :p Anyway, will see if that disappears..

But generally, he gave me what I wanted to hear - that I'm fine. Phew!

Oh, btw, I've never had so many photos of my mouth taken - with my cheeks pulled wide open, with my tongue sticking out to the left and to the right, with another person's fingers pulling my cheeks *.* And at the end, the doc asked to capture my nose too - I learnt today that I have a cleft nose, like how some people have/crave a cleft chin.

I first noticed that some 10 years ago. Doc said it's easy to smooth out but it's harder to create it. Well, no need to smooth mine la - I like it, heh :p

I've really spent a lot on my teeth. My braces cost some $6,000. Some years ago, I did a veneer on my born-yellow tooth. Now this. Sighs... Well, if it helps, I'll pay!

Anyway, my next appointment was with my gynae. Did a scan to make sure everything is fine. Everything is fine. And I have a 13 mm follicle ready to pop this weekend - apparently, it grows 1.5 mm every day and pops at about 19 mm!

Doc was free so we chatted a bit about TCM and confinement. He said he's open to TCM but he doesn't believe in confinement. In the past, he said, women tore and were not stitched cos, well, they didn't stitch! So they were literally confined in order to heal on their own. And he reasoned that they were given all the red date tea to constipate them so they didn't pang sai haha!! And all the innards were probably because people were poor and that was the only meat they could have, wa liao... To hell with confinement for my next one, yeah!

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