Wednesday, 31 July 2013

A less busy day, finally

Sighs, work got heavy in the past week, after my last post. And after my last post, ZK's fever came back! Left work after lunch on Thursday to fetch him. He was grumpy but still playing on Friday morning but after a nap, his fever shot past 39 deg and he was super lethargic and still - unlike him. We gave him some ibuprofen and dashed to NUH where we spent the next six hours - six! ZK took two naps and two meals there *.*

Friday morning, playing with one of his fave things in the house:

Spent the next few nights working after ZK went to bed. Some sadistic statistics la, very mentally exhausting...

But at least ZK recovered gradually. He was still a little cranky here and there, but he was playing!

With my PS card while sitting in a poopy diaper *.* He just woke from an afternoon nap and found me hitting at my keyboard next to him. I managed to flip the screen shut but didn't manage to stop him from pulling out the card.

With food *.* His first time in a shopping trolley! He still wasn't well so we didn't go out - just took a trip to Cold Storage.

Today, I'm finally home at night relaxing in front of my Mac instead of my work laptop. What a relief! But I need to finish up the employer orientation programme after writing this - need that to get a work permit for full-time help.

So, more on ZK. He walked four steps on Sunday! He woke and went to play at the socket corner near the wall decal. Then he turned, smiled and walked! Fell into my arms but still very smiley :)

That evening, I also found the tip of his second tooth piercing through. My baby will have pearly whites very soon!

He has been sleeping a lot. The past three nights, he slept through between nine and 12 hours! Perhaps it was because he was tired having just recovered from his fever but gosh, that was some good sleep for both of us!

But he has taken to doing this:

Found him in this position twice shortly after midnight each time. Had to pick him up when he landed on the floor instead of the mat or blanket.

Now, Sito. We exchanged a few SMS on my way home.

mf: Random - I'm going home with Mr Muscle - hope he can remove the mold on our basin and your (electric) tooth brush!
Sito: I'm jealous of Mr Muscle

Love my boys :)

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