Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Last days of being a baby

I wanted to write this last night but I was soooo tired I dozed off at 10 plus. Today, I'm less sleepy but my legs are in pain from walking in kitten heels for half the day, argh! But it was an interesting day - tried combat ration (glutinous rice - like bah zang!) and had a go at a SAR 21!

I passed the shooting, ok.. *smug* But I had a hard time aiming cos my master eye is the left one while my master arm is the right one. I had to force my left eye shut to see the crosshair. Told Sito this just now and he said ZK had better not be like me or he would be a "bobo shooter"! :(

Anyway, that's too far away for us to worry. We should be more concerned over his sleep, or lack of sleep!

ZK hasn't been sleeping very well lately. He keeps stirring and waking up. And if he wakes up, he could be sitting up by the time I get to his room, or he could have crawled to the door already.

Two nights ago, I picked him up at the door, put his head on my left shoulder and patted his little back. Suddenly, I felt his little hand patting my left shoulder! So completely melted! :) Nvm that I had to sleep half on his bed and half on his floor for at least two hours every night! And last night, he refused to go down without a fight. At one point, he decided to say "ah" and hit his mouth with his hand - you know what I mean? Quite funny but I was so tired!

Yesterday, I had my back to the road as I held his hand to play with him while waiting for the traffic lights across from Cold Storage. Then he let out a "ehhh!" with his hand stretching outwards. I turned around and found that it was time to cross - did my kid just alert me to the traffic lights?!

And just now on the way home, he clapped his hands when I started singing "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!" I'm very happy too! :)

Anyway, it's ZK's birthday next week. So fast! He's becoming a toddler, baby no more!

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