Sunday, 7 July 2013

Happy weekend!

ZK had his last pneumococcal booster yesterday. He was so brave, crying for only a few seconds after the needles entered his left chubby thigh, and it was really expensive at $192.60! It took more time to pay than to wait for our turn with the PD. Think I must have spoken with at least two mummies during the wait, and stalked a couple with twins! Kaypoh about other babies :p

Anyway, ZK is now 9.5 kg and 75 cm :) Happy at his growth but the walk to lunch was some workout man! Should have had Sito carry him instead!

Finally had lunch at Bari Uma - the ramen was good and the egg came uncut! Imagine biting into the softness, yummy... ZK finished his pot of sweet corn porridge, save a teaspoon. Mama was very happy - 没有白煮!

Went shopping for pants for Sito and were a bit late in coming home - ZK dozed off on the way home, woke shortly and refused to sleep for two hours! :( When he finally went down, it was only for a short while, sighs..

We were all quite tired by then so dinner was a quick affair downstairs at Brecko. We had Asahi! :) ZK wanted some too *.*

But he had only bread and some spaghetti followed by lots of Gerber puffs for which I managed to make him do the hand sign of "more" for each puff :)

He slept way better today, napping almost four hours in two naps. Sito was still asleep during his morning nap so I put ZK on our bed and got in with them! But I couldn't go down in the afternoon anymore so it was just the two boys napping.

He's so fun when he's got enough rest. This afternoon, he managed to put the cap on its bottle, all by himself. We saw but didn't say much so guess what? He drew our attention to his 壮举 by raising his arm and going ah! He did that two or three times and stopped when I got my video ready - decided to find me / iPhone instead *.*

Went shopping for a candle for his upcoming birthday after his afternoon nap. Also got him a pair of shoes! I measured his foot against my palm while nursing on Friday - seemed quite big for his three pairs of shoes... And today, I tried them on and his foot couldn't even go in! So sad :( So he got his fourth pair of shoes - one that he can wear.. Very cute some more! To be revealed...

Left him tearing paper on the floor while I got things ready for his shower. Returned to find his face all red - finally! Two days of poop! Then he happily went back to playing. 小臭臭 :p

He is also a 小脏脏 now - yesterday marked the first time we saw him dig his nose, after weeks of digging ours! Actually, it's more like sticking a finger in, no digging :p At one point, he had his index finger in a nostril and his thumb in his mouth *.*

Now he's sleeping in a nice position in his bed. Hope he stays still for the next eight hours!!

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