Wednesday, 10 July 2013

ZK, where are your ears? :)

Just washed poop stains off his clothes. He's been having slightly watery poop lately, probably due to teething since he's otherwise fine. And all the waking up at night is probably due to teething as well. I really want his teeth to come out now!!

But this boy sure can bite with his power gums. Yesterday, I gave him a peanut butter-nutella-cheese sandwich for dinner. I started out by pinching small pieces off for him. Then I put the sandwich in front of his mouth and he just leaned forward and bit off pieces by himself! And sometimes, he bit off quite large pieces and he would chew and chew and chew - all with his gums! He had three quarters of the sandwich, i.e. a slice and a half of bread! *proud mama*

And just now, he even fed himself! Smoother than yesterday already but still messy..

Today, he was standing near the colourful balls when I arrived at the IFC, with his back to the door. I said hello. No response. I called his name. He turned slowly, showing his blur and slightly bewildered face, which quickly broke into a smile when he saw me :) Then I went forward and he came to the gate, wanting to be carried. Love it when he's happy at seeing me :)

We watched his Chinese flashcard DVD. He was able to stick out his tongue when "tongue" came on screen! That's an improvement over yesterday and this morning - he could only stick out his tongue when he saw me do the same. The one thing that he could identify clearly was his ear - yes, just one ear, although he kind of alternates between the two sides :p

Yesterday, after watching the DVD, he almost took a step towards me - unsupported! But he fell. But I was very happy already! Can't wait to spend more time with him this weekend. Perhaps he would walk! *hopeful*

It's now one month to National Day. I got him a little flag yesterday and gave it to him this morning. He waved it and held it all the way to IFC. But he never smiled; I think Mama was happier than him *.*

But he was super happy a couple of days ago la! He started hiccuping. I haven't heard him hiccup for a long time already. Perhaps that was why he laughed every time he hiccuped, until he couldn't stop laughing even when he wasn't hiccuping! He only stopped when I stuffed his bottle into his mouth :)

Now he's all quiet. Hope he can sleep well.. I've been dozing off as I wrote this. Better go sleep too..

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