Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Yu cuts his first tooth!

Yes, my baby who drinks way less milk and eats less well than his brothers at this age has cut his first tooth - bottom left incisor - way ahead of his brothers!

I wonder if it was the calcium pills I took during pregnancy coz I never took those with Kai and Yang under another doctor...

Or perhaps it is nature's way to help Yu eat more??

I had thought Yu would start teething at one, just like Kai and Yang. Never imagined he might be so early, before nine months! No wonder he was biting me again suddenly the past few days, and the bite felt a little different - less strength but sharp, probably accidental.

Anyway, I was so sure he would get his teeth late that it didn't occur to me to check when Ah Yee mentioned white bits on Sunday. In fact, I wouldn't have known today if Mum didn't see it. I made him laugh and confirmed the diagnosis - a jagged little tooth!

You can't see my little tooth yet, but you will!

Yang's last four molars made it just in time before he turned three, appearing only in the past couple of months, I think. Similarly for Kai, I think. Now we shall see when Yu will get his full 20! Eat on, baby!

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