Sunday, 9 July 2017

Happy 9th month to Yu!

Now Yu has spent about as much time outside and inside of his mama! And how he has grown!

At one week past eight months, I discovered that Yu could clap on demand! He started out trying to get from a crawl position to a sitting position. When he succeeded, he gave himself a few claps! So the next time when he did something, I asked him to clap and he did! It depends on his mood though...

Kai doing a demo on clapping after Yu applauded himself for sitting up

Playing with blocks - he loved knocking them together

Oops, distracted by KaKa

He can reach for the tissue box now!

I tried to stop him but this boy really can demonstrate 不屈不挠的精神!The past weekend, we did the same dance over and over again - he stood, I pulled him down, he stood again, I pulled him down again. And of course he won. I ended up with sore arms and tissue bits all over.

He likes to kneel to do things

Sometimes he tries to hide...

I think Yu's motor skills are very good. Like Yang, he was able to move his training toothbrush from one hand to the other at changing time - need him to use other hand while I take one hand out of his shirt! But of the three, he must be the one who went from sitting to crawling in no time! The other evening when I tried to settle all three in the kids room (unsuccessfully but that's not the point), Yu crawled from one end to the other while I was busy reading to his brothers.

As the third kid, well, he didn't get many videos taken - I think he was crawling for two weeks before I got a video. He's still crawling with his belly on the floor mostly. Can't wait to see him crawl on his knees :) That was written one week too early - by 1 July, he could crawl on his knees!

Not the best shot but it's the first!

And this boy is already raring to stand and walk! I was surprised to see him pull himself up from sitting to standing at Mum's place but Sito said he saw that back home. Gosh. Really can't take my eyes off him for a minute!

My standing baby

One more week and he became more steady!

Taking a few assisted steps towards Papa

He gets better all the time!

But his other skills aren't too good. He still wakes for milk very often. Or he just wakes and scares everyone by threatening to roll off the bed. So I nicknamed him Silent Crawler - self-explanatory. And most mornings, he'll crawl all over me from 5 plus until it's finally time to get up. Very tiring.

And two mornings before he turned nine months, he crawled off the bed while I was sleeping - I woke to his cries :( So poor thing... That very night, I put him on his mattress next to me. I tried that the previous Saturday but he kept waking. Now I have to preserver and get him used to it!

Finally succeeded in putting him down for a nap at Mum's place, gosh!

He's also not eating consistently. Made vegetable stock for the first time for him - so sweet with just a piece of white fish and he took all of two spoons. Sometimes I even leaked milk coz he wasn't drinking enough! But somehow, he's still chubby, phew!

Chubbs crying

That was taken at a school check-in. Yu has more unhappy shots compared to his brothers. I also received complaints about him on a almost daily basis - fussy, rejects milk, rejects porridge, rejects sleep, impatient for cereals, needs constant carrying, needs to go out. His other nickname is Mr Eh Eh - from the sounds he makes hoho!

He also makes sounds we understand ok.. It's getting quite clear he's calling me when he says "mama". Oh my sweetie pie! :)

Yu knows when he's being scolded. When he refused to stay still enough for his diaper, I called his name loudly, he pouted and cried. When he stopped and turned somemore, I did it again and he turned to me, almost going to cry. I quickly got it done and took him in my arms. Thing is, after a few times, he was no longer scared and/or sad when I scolded him, so the flipping went on!

Today, we recalled what his brothers grabbed on their first birthday and wondered what he would grab. Can't wait to fast forward to his first birthday already :)

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