Wednesday, 19 July 2017

The absolute cuteness of the last baby

Yu doesn't sleep well. (What's new?) I usually hold him in my arms until he sleeps. Then I'll carry him over to my bed and lower him down, still snug in my arms. When both of us hit the bed, we'll be lying next to each other, my right arm under his neck. His head is resting on his left on my arm, and his left cheek will be fatter and rounder than his right. When I'm not too tired, I'll not remove my arm immediately. I'll watch him :)

He is so cute :)

He's cute when he's smiling

He's cute when he's crying/whining

He's cute when he's expressionless

He's cute when he's playing

He's cute when he's eating

He's cute even when he's pooping! (Sorry no picture :p)

But of course, he's cutest when he's sleeping :p

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