Friday, 7 July 2017

Potty stuff

I remember Kai had super explosive poop. For quite a while, he pooped up his back at nursing time every morning. He also had a couple of funny projectile poop and pee episodes - stories he love to hear!

Yang didn't have as many explosive poops, but gosh, his poop was really smelly even when he was drinking only breastmilk! And his poop story was when he was two, I think - he refused to go to the toilet and pooped in the shower floor *.*

Today, both kids want to fart into my face *.*

And now this baby Yu is just like Kai, daily explosive poop when he was younger. I still get that once in a while but thankfully, it's a long while in between. He has also given me a few projectile episodes. Just on Monday, Yu gave me a projectile poop during a diaper change. I just wiped poop off and it happened! I congratulate myself on my reflexes as I managed to siam to the side in time so I didn't get any on me, phew!

On retrospect, that was a prelude to his diarrhoea episodes. On Wednesday morning, N found him sitting in a pool of pee and poop - the diaper leaked! I carried him by the armpits so she could strip him, and washed him down in the shower - that was the first time he stood in the shower!

Later that afternoon, he had diarrhoea in school. I was having lunch downstairs - was working from home - when the school called so I had to skip a forum to bring him home. But he didn't poop until after his evening nursing. The diaper leaked just after I pulled up his pyjamas. Gosh, it was really watery and it was so much! N verified that his poop in the morning looked like that. Yikes.

Found him asleep when I got to the centr so I waited a little for him to clock at least 30 min; but I never had to wake him coz he must have smelled me - he woke.

But he wasn't having a fever, nor did he have any other symptom. And Mama needed to work. So off to the child care centre he went on Thursday. But I got a call again at lunch. I said he had no other symptoms so the school said they would monitor. An hour later, I got a call saying that he also puked after a feed, and up came a lot of phlegm. He also puked up milk and phlegm on Monday. But I had a meeting so I told the school I would be there 90 minutes later, about 3.30 pm. The meeting turned into a long three-part story so I left office after 4 pm! My poor baby...

Today, I sent Yu in again. This time, he's fine. Just now, he was standing around when he turned still and a smell came out of his diaper... The poop was all soft but less watery than before... He has tuina tomrrow morning ; shall see how....

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