Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Kai's birthday weekend

Kai has been harping on his present since we bought it, all the way through Yang's birthday - may I open my present now? May I open my present on Yang's birthday? Can Yang open his present on my birthday?!


But finally, it was Kai's turn to open his present! I promised him that he could have it the Saturday before his birthday. He eyed it in the morning, he eyed it during lunch, he eyed it before his nap. And then he had a nap and woke with his present in mind!

Opening it with Papa

Waiting patiently at the end of a long wait..?

Starting to play already!

He wanted to go to Earle Swensen's at Vivocity, the exact same place where we celebrated Yang's birthday. But we wanted to go to a regular Swensen's since we didn't want the salad buffet. We managed to convinced him about Swensen's at Clementi Mall :p

The kids had some fun at the little playground while I did a quick grocery run at NTUC downstairs. And then it was time for dinner! Service at this Swensen's is usually slow. So it was good that we started early. Kai didn't want the ice cream cake but a candle wouldn't stand in the sundae so we went without a candle. The result was that the boys tucked into the ice cream before we could take a proper picture.

The only decent one where most of us are looking at the camera and I wasn't blocking Yu!

Kai fed me a tiny bite of his sundae and finished the rest of it. Yang didn't finish his Milo dirt pot so Sito and I had quite a bit.

Coz we left the house pretty soon after opening his present on Saturday, Sunday morning was the time when he had more time to play with it. He didn't want to share much with Yang though, so there was quite some whining....

So pleased with his toy!

But he couldn't stop Yu, haha!

Due to Chengzhu, we didn't get his cake. Mum ordered a rainbow cake instead and everyone loved it! In fact, Kai chipped off a corner before we even sang for him... Yang just woke and was quite grouchy so I carried this 14kg boy through the singing...

Perfect moment just before the candles were out!

Source: Ah Yee

I must admit I almost cried towards the end of the singing - couldn't believe he was turning five!!

This morning, however, Kai seemed to have forgotten it was his birthday. I wished him happy birthday in the morning and he went, oh! *.*

After sending them to school, I came home to play with Lego... Trying to make something to put on the cake coz he didn't want Trolls, bleah! In the end, it was just too hard! I'm so not creative ok... So I took his helicopter, which he built on his own from only a mental blueprint, and changed the bricks a bit to make the colours more uniform. I also gathered a few policemen along with Spiderman and the Green Goblin :p Oh, and a few "fires" to place next to the bad guy whose hand welds what could only be a torch, hence the fire :p

Happy birthday, Kai! :)

Hugs :)

With his K1 friends

Singing birthday song with the whole kindy group

He served the cake to his friends and teachers after I cut it - got order one, ok...

And then we walked home in the slight drizzle

I had wanted to bring him to the playground but since it was wet, we stayed in to do some activity books. Then we went to walk around the Lego shop downstairs before heading for lunch at Sushi Tei coz he wanted to try sushi. Well, I should have known better coz he had tried it that day we went to the dinosaur exhibition. Basically, he didn't see any sushi he liked *.* But he enjoyed his soup udon and katsu with sweet sauce!

Plenty of poses though

Yes, you! :p

With that, my boy is five. May you grow healthy and happy as you discover more and more about the world :) Love you lots!

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