Sunday, 16 July 2017

Babyled weaning?

I thought of this before but didn't act on it coz he seemed to be eating ok in school, and babyled weaning is quite a bit of work, what with thinking of the food and the cleaning up. Though I must say cleaning up won't be done by me :p

But the past week reminded me of babyled weaning again. He kept rejecting his dinner so when Kai rejected his dinner (what's new?!), I gave some of his plain rice to Yu and he lapped it up!

Stuffing his face silly

I put some fish into his cereals earlier and was rejected. When I tried to sneak some of his fish into the rice, he could tell and stopped eating it *.* I think I would need to reintroduce fish to him...

Threw him a slice of wholemeal bread one morning and he ate about half of it

Checked back old photos - Kai could eat a cheese sandwich on his own by about one. Hope Yu can too - three more months!

Yu also had strawberry after rejecting yet another dinner, courtesy of Yang who rejected his strawberries. Just what's wrong with the kids in this house, all rejecting some food?! Argh!

"A little sour but I like it!"

Yesterday and today, Yu had quite a bit of cereals though. But I hope to give more "real" food than cereals - both Kai and Yang had quite a bit of those, especially Kai coz there was no cooked dinner for him on weekdays until he was 15 months old!

So maybe I shouldn't be lazy and should start thinking of some kiddy food for the babe... Jia you, mf!

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