Wednesday, 19 July 2017

My kids make me speechless or lol

Both Kai and Yang say the most amazing things. Amazing not just they're my sons ok :p

Mama: I have four favourite boys in the work - Papa, Kai, Yang and Yu:)
Kai: *pause* Is papa your son?
Mama: Um, no... But he's still my favourite boy...

Kai: Can we go out?
Mama: I think we can!
Kai: Say "we can"! Don't say "I think"!

I was trying to revise his Chinese enrichment class...
Mama: 你会不会跑步?
Yang: I can only walk!
And one time, Kai chimed in absentmindedly when he was busy nearby: He can but he don't [sic] want to...

Kai needed to pee so I looked into the accessible toilet to see if it had a child seat. No. But I didn't look closely enough coz Kai spotted a kiddy toilet bowl right across from the main one.
Kai: oh I can use this one. I think this is a good idea *nod nod*

Kai: I didn't have a good weekend..
Mama: Huh? But you had candy, lollipop, ice cream and yummy cake!
Kai: ... but no chocolate...

Seriously, no good weekend?!

Oops, looks like it's mostly Kai now. But I'm sure Yang's turn will come :)

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