Thursday, 27 July 2017

I forgot how fast I could walk in heels

Very fast. In kitten heels la...

Took out an old pair of open-toe heels to wear this week. My aim is to wear them out so that I can clear my shoe cabinet... But in doing so, I felt GOOD! Gosh, how long has it been since I last wore heels??

My colleagues have been commending me on my appearance lately. And it all started with my new haircut on Yang's birthday - I came home looking like the good old mf plus some flesh all round...

mf at 37, with some life-changing lipstick

So nice right? Taken the day after the haircut. Of course, I never look like that again coz I don't style my hair with my hairdryer! Most days, I'd be happy if I only remembered to put on some hair oil to tame flyaways. After all, I no longer have rebonded hair so it can get quite messy...

The hair and the lipstick are the two recent little things that are pulling me away from my usual mama look. You can tell from the waves in my hair that I've been tying my hair for the longest time. Letting it down these days feels really good - when the weather is kind..

The lipstick was a surprise though - it didn't make my lips any drier than expected, as was usual of previous lipsticks. This is one of five or six sample size Clinique Chubby Sticks that PC gave me over last Christmas. Now I'm very tempted to buy the full size when I'm done with the sample.

And all that gua sha seemed to have helped. I have observant colleagues who stared at my thighs underneath Uniqlo tights!

I'm so happy to be slowly reverting to the good old mf :)

Besides my looks, I'm also trying to be more green. I used to be very green. Now, it's hard. And my children are contributing to food waste every day, not to mention electricity and water. My living room bench is full of toys that will eventually end up in a landfill. So I need to do something. I started packing my mixed rice without the plastic bag. I was thinking of going with my own container next but it's tough deciding between plastic and water for cleaning up... I was also wondering if I could use my own cup for bubble tea, and decided that it's good enough that I boycott LiHo for its cover.

Work-wise, I'm back to long hours. Not as bad as 2008 but it's bad for a mama of three who doesn't get enough sleep during sleeping hours. Tonight, I decided to stop going through item after item. Work can never end but I grow old every minute. Let me spend some time writing here. It's kind of therapeutic :)

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