Sunday, 23 July 2017

The brothers two by two

It's been a while since I updated on brotherly activities. So here goes!

Samurais on Racial Harmony Day!

Actually, they looked more like tofu workers without the swords..! And the red man on the front isn't even a samurai; it's a sarubobo coz Mum they all got three sets of these during their trip to Takayama. Yu's is a baby version. Hope to wear it one day...

The two of them also came back with henna tattoos on their hands. Very nice! But they faded easily. The next day, there was a charity flea in school and their teacher drew more henna tattoos on their hands. Love it :)

Kai doing rock-climbing!

Yang doing his monkey thing above the slide

Oh but wait - Yu had a go at the playground too, thanks to Papa!

We set off quite early yesterday, after their afternoon nap, coz we wanted to go to J Cube to take the excavator rides. But there's now a very distracting sand pit, meant as a waiting area for kids but they were so taken with it that Kai only did one excavator ride while Yang did both the excavator and the ball pick-up thing. I used up the last token :p

So happy with sand

Me :p

Happily looking out of the window on the train from Jurong East

Last night, while I was busy with Yu, Yang opened a drawer in the living room and discovered a stash of toys - I've been hiding them right under their nose for some time! Ah well... But at least they were treating them like new toys now. In fact, they didn't even play with the new toys they got from the charity flea yesterday!

For once, toys kept them very occupied after their shower

Today marks the end of a month-long birthday celebration for four in the family - Yang, Ah Yee, Kai, Jiejie. Both boys had some chocolate cake after quite a long break. They drank quite a bit of water so I hope no cough comes round tmr... Though Kai was already coughing a bit..

Now this is familiar...

"Xiao GeGe, wake up for chocolate cake!

I must really dig out the one with Yang disturbing Kai!! It's so fun to watch their interactions. At this point, it's usually two by two. May take quite a while before the three of them can play together as three.

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