Sunday, 30 July 2017

The kids don't get tired

As expected, it was my turn to be down after Yu. Nothing serious but I was so tired yesterday that I couldn't wake up after Yu woke up from his afternoon nap, and I fell asleep before 9.30 pm last night. Today, I feel much better. Hope it stays that way...

So Yu had a review on Wednesday and was taken off the nebuliser, phew! I really hate that. He sometimes smiled at the beginning but within seconds he would be wailing. He's better now, less coughing, less phlegm. But I'm aiming for zero phlegm so the meds continue...

Yang took this photo - poor Yu

Starting to sleep better

Kai started carrying Yu this week...

Kai was strong enough to carry even Yang so I only had to make sure he put him down properly. But Yang tried to carry Yu today and that was so scary!!

Love this shot of them sharing a look :)

But the poor long-suffering Papa was crushed!! And so was I at times. They took the word horsing around too literally....

Yu: "What is 'go, horsie, go'??"

Kai climbed up on his own but couldn't get down

Yang paddled really hard at the fitness corner

We started going back to the playground downstairs. We used to get lots of mosquito bites there but it was ok the past couple of Saturdays. And it was a lot less walking compared to if we had gone to the "new" playground across the road coz we would walk to Star Vista from there too whereas we would take the train from the playground downstairs.

Was this his first time in a kiddy ride?? Mama can't remember! Ah well, third child :p

We had a play date today with Yang's friend, H. All my boys had/have a classmate called H! H1 wanted to watch a movie with only Kai; H2 named her doll after Yang - hoho!! H2 eats raw carrots and handed them around freely. Only Yu bit. Maybe we'll have one kid who eats healthy? *hopeful*

The friends jumping in her brother's cot

I really wonder where they get all their energy from. Coz I need some of that!! How can they jump around whole day and then take a long time to go to bed? This week was quite bad - Kai and Yang were sleeping past 9 pm all week. And Yang especially, kept coming out. A couple of times, Kai fell asleep before Yang! Even Yu could stay awake for five hours and still struggle when I stuffed the pacifier in. And Yang and Yu are still waking at night, especially Yu of course.

I had a very late Friday night, which perhaps contributed to the very tired Saturday. By the time I got in bed at past 1 am, I realised that Yang could come in within the hour. It was so depressing. And indeed, Yu woke me at 3+ and I found Yang sleeping like a log on my legs *.* It's so sweet to have Yang there but it makes it really difficult for me to tend to Yu, and if Yu doesn't sleep, I don't sleep.

But one good thing about Yang coming in is that he gets more interaction with Yu. Some mornings, they were both awake at 5 or 6+, and they would play with each other. Twice this week, I saw Yang put the pacifier into Yu's mouth - they looked so happy!!

It's only 9.30 pm but I'm tired already. I'm now waiting for a work email to come in so that I can have a look at it. Hope I can settle it within 10 minutes! Despite the two cups of coffee at the playdate, I really want to get in bed now!

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