Saturday, 22 July 2017

Two days of child MC

I was at a media event on Wednesday morning when I got two text messages from the teacher and the principal - Yu measured 39.5 deg! But I couldn't leave so I asked them to help sponge him. By the time I was done, there was no sound from the school so I happily continued to work. Ya, I know - bad mama! But babies have fevers right? :p

Wanted to go pick him up at 3 pm after finishing up loose ends from the morning but got a call before 2 pm from the teacher that Yu was hitting 41 deg! I packed up and cabbed down.

The poor boy was so unhappy! :( And yes, he was hot - 39.5 deg in school just before we left. He was so hot that his cheeks turned pink! And he seemed quite lethargic and took a few naps under 30 min. I wanted to bring him to the PD but the clinic closes every Wednesday afternoon. So I fed him ibuprofen and just monitored him.

It was quite obvious when the fever subsided - he became happier! But very needy. If I carried him, he wouldn't let N take him away. I had to put him on the floor to play and move away. Then when he saw me, he whined. Poor baby but Mama had to work...

Yu took a dose of paracetamol at dinner time, without dinner, and went to bed. He wasn't warm the whole night. Sent him to school for a while so I could pack a few things. Got an appointment at 11.10 am so went to pick him up to go see the PD - just wanted to get this bout of illness cleared up.

He was quite happy on the bus, looking around

"I like going to the doctor's coz there are toys..." 

PD suspected the flu and ordered a test. He cried so hard during the swab *.* It was a short 20-30 min wait, during which he fell asleep. The test was negative. But since he has been coughing for so long, he gave him antibiotics and nebuliser on top of the usual symptomatic stuff - for phlegm, running nose, fever.

I had never seen a nebuliser before. Thought it looked like my pump with its cord and stuff :p Maybe it's the name - Medel or something. Kai had something similar at 6-7 months but it was a puff into some cylinder. This was something else. But both had the same result - plenty of crying and screaming!!

The nurse did a demo since I was a noob. The movements woke him. After the initial cries, Yu was just shouting. She said it would take 7-8 minutes. Gosh.

Had lunch and bought some snacks before going home. He dozed off along the way but woke just before we got home. As expected, it was tough at home. His fever returned while we were out so he was unhappy. It took a while for the medicine to kick in. I was so tired that I took a quick nap. When I woke, he just fell asleep. But it was time for the nebuliser!

Playing with the gym ball - spot the nebuliser behind!

But I took some time to look for a plug coz the machine has a two-pin plug. By the time I set things up, he was up. I tried to administer the thing myself but he was too strong. Sorry, baby, gotta pin you down :(

Happy when it was over

I was with Kai and Yang when Sito came home. Yu tends to wake when Sito comes home - daddy's boy? :) So he woke. And since he was up, I gave him the nebuliser again. Kai and Yang wanted to watch, and they were so cute - they asked me to stop it already coz I was burning him or he was crying! Such empathy :)

Kept Yu at home the next day to continue the four-hourly nebulisation though he was no longer running a temperature. We started the day at 6.30 am - with nebulisation :( I think he has been traumatised :(

It's hard to keep the boy at home for long coz he gets restless. He likes going out. When he didn't want to let Sito carry him this morning, I asked Sito to go touch the baby carrier. Yu smiled and reached out for him, hoho!

So thankful that he napped for just over an hour in the morning! Managed to cut his nails. So sad he woke just before nebulisation time. I was hoping I could do it to him while he was sleeping. He was so angry after that that he punched me! And he was so sad as well and refused to let go of me. So conflicted, my boy :p Really is 最爱的人伤我最深 :p

Playing with balls - love this expression

Silly boy was hitting his head with the ball

Went to Vivocity for lunch. It was crowded and I wasn't too hungry so I just bought chicken to eat on the way to Daiso :p Bought a flask to hold barley so we don't end up with eight cups in the fridge every Wednesday. And a non-slip mat in preparation for Yu's shower. That was my entire Daiso shopping list but I left the shop $12 poorer... Hmmm...

Got back in time for his second nap. Actually way ahead of time. Took a while before he went down. I wanted to sleep too but it was almost time for his nebulisation so I waited... Yet he woke very soon! So we traumatised him once more :( I couldn't take it anymore and let N play with him for 45 min while I took nap. Left the house for tea right after my nap. Yu was so happy to see me and/or the carrier!

My coffee, my cake and his bread

He rejected the break after the first cube, and played with the box instead

"The cover is more fun!"

And then he suddenly decided he would eat! But he dropped more cubes on the floor than in his mouth. I encouraged him by clapping for every successful feed. He loves to clap too!

Chomping while seated like a baby beng

I was very happy that we spent some 40 min in Costa. I really enjoyed my tea and watching this boy at the same time :)

Bumped into colleagues who were in the area for a meeting and chatted a while before spending some time and money in Watsons. Then it was time to go back for a shower!

Decided to take out the non-slip mat to try but this boy wouldn't stand! So he sat on the mat and played with the water on the floor! Ah well... I gave him a quick shower and got myself a bit wet, but it wasn't too bad. Nursed him a little and left to pick up his brothers. Set him to bed after yet another nebulisation, sighs...

And this morning, we tortured him another time before going back to the PD for a review. His wheezing had improved yeah! But coz he still has lots of phlegm, PD wanted him to continue the nebulisation for four more days!!! At a reduced dosage of three instead of four times a day. Sighs... I'm reducing that to twice a day from Monday so that he can go to school.

Poor baby Yu, hope you are rid of the cough and phlegm asap!

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