Wednesday, 4 April 2007

THE NAIL, continued

Moral of the story: if it's a bad thing, don't say it out loud..

One summer a few years back:
mf: 有一点晕..
And I fainted...

More recently:
mf: I'm feeling faint..
And I fainted..

mf blogged about nail looking dead..
It died the next day, and CAME LOOSE!!

Hmmm.. Not too clear here but it was 80% DETACHED from the nail bed!

But the top 20% was still attached to the thumb - dare not remove.. Very scared =( Very gross! =((

Am keeping the thumb bandaged so I don’t accidentally pull off the nail *shiver*


  1. i think u can try buying some lotion off the shelf at manicure shops, not to prevent dropping off since already broken, but to cure the nail area (strengthen it etc).

    I had a dead toe nail sometime ago and had fungus growing on the big toe nails (which may cause nail to fall off!) and aft advise from my manicurist, they cleared up after 2 weeks.

    As you nail is damaged b4, its dead and need time to re-grow again. but meanwhile, u need to ensure it wun fall out else it wud be damn painful!

  2. UUrrrggghhhh... reminding me of this gross scene in The Fly where Jeff Goldblum peels off his nails or something ... uurrrggghhh. But seriously, have you thought about going to the clinic and getting a medical opinion instead of [presumably] strangers from cyberspace?

  3. ouch..that's pain !

    take a good care of yourself and say no evil from now on :p

  4. Your poor nail!! Is it still attached?


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