Thursday, 26 April 2007

Wake me!

Btw, during my last days in NYC, my Pinky's speaker dropped dead, ie no more alarm clock.

I woke at 730am yesterday, 8am today.. Can I survive one more day before I can go fix my Pinky and bluetooth, and/or shop for a nice alarm clock on Sat?

Oh yes, my bluetooth died on me too - the whole thing cracked open.. Luckily it was after the event..


The ladies: Your thousand-dollar phone!!



  1. White Sea Dragon30 Apr 2007, 00:14:00

    The dead speaker sometimes happens with windows mobile based PDAs and is more a software fault than a hardware fault. I remember the same thing happened to my O2 XDA2.

    I forgot what was the solution.. maybe some checking up on the net will yield an answer?

  2. Oh I remember now.. Were you using some kind of earphones or headset? If so, here's what you do. Go start up windows media player and play some songs. (this is only so you have some music in the background). Now push the headset in and out until you hear music coming out of the speaker.

    The PDA shuts off the speaker when it feels that there's a headset connected. Sometimes the PDA doesn't feel the headset coming out and will not reactivate the speaker.


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