Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Pins and needles

Went to a TCM practitioner recommended by a friend today. Besides describing my usual gastric pains and stomachaches, I had to vividly describe the "scenery" in the toilet bowl *.*

Conclusion: IBS and leaky gut, coupled with 血虚, 湿 on the inside and something about my liver doing OT...

Recommendations: Chew my food properly, cut down on sugars and carbs (sad!), wean off nasal spray and do acupuncture

And the next thing I knew, I was whisked into the next room, scared and unprepared for acupuncture.

"Oh, you'll grow to love it!"


I hardly dared to move while she poked the needles into me - calves, tummy, arms, head! During the 30 minutes of resting in the dark, with some heater over my tummy, I dared not sleep in case I tossed and turned.. Soon, I could feel my calves getting numb, and when I tried to wriggle my toes, I could feel the needles near my toes poking at some nerve!


And then it was done. I collected my medicine and left. Had two packets so far, bitter powdery stuff dissolved in hot water - pretty gross stuff =(

Need to store chocolate :)

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