Saturday, 17 April 2010

Random dreams

We didn't sleep well last night. Sito had beer. I was woken by super bright lightning streaks at about 2 am, and had to get up to close the windows. Well, I guess that was better than having the rain drench our bay window laminate!

In the morning, I dream of us in some lonely room with a lonely corridor. Sito was doing work while I kept wanting to pee. The toilet was along the other side of the lonely corridor. And the seat was wobbly.. When I woke, I sped towards our toilet :p

This dream was interspersed with scenes from some Hong Kong vampire movie. Quite random.. And I don't like that actor at all! Bleah.

I think I had another dream earlier.. I dreamt that ICQ was alive! Na or another gf - not sure! - told me to go check it out and indeed, there were so many people online! I would have forgot about this dream if Kel (actually, it was D!) had not sent me a bo liao sms. I recalled that he sent me bo liao ICQ messages back in uni days!

I hereby declare Kelvin my gay bff! Except, of course, that he isn't gay!


  1. EH how come you associate lao diao ya things with moi? Buay song... hahah... Na


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