Monday, 16 August 2010

A mini farewell note

This time tomorrow, we'll be at the airport.

We will be gone for two years, though I'll probably be back more than once in between. Yet, many friends have been so nice to us with all the little farewell gatherings :)

Just came home from Mum's place, and that was really for the last time since it would be sold by next month. We had some good memories at Varsity Park :)

Now that we are at the cusp of our upcoming journey, with things mostly packed, I suddenly feel..complicated...

I'll miss girly chats with CY and Yan. I'll miss prata nights with KLK. I'll miss our little flat. Hell, I'll even miss being in the loop of work (!) but not work of course :p

Luckily I have Sito with me :) For the rest, there's Facebook! See you again soon...

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