Thursday, 14 April 2016

Monkey baby!

Yes, Clan Sito is expecting a monkey baby! That will be the second monkey in the family, after Sito :)

Sunday, 14 Feb 2016

What I found on the morning of 人日:

Yeah yeah yeah!!

But.... the pregnancy test kit was expired... It expired in March 2015 *.*

I had four incidences of feeling pregnant earlier - boobs felt funny twice; I had pelvic pulls twice. Plus, I tended to start spotting many days before period but this time, no spotting. Hence I tested.

Still, I didn't dare keep my hopes too high before I get another stick...

Wednesday, 17 Feb 2016


Ok, totally worth the $7.70 :) But I bought a few more 30 cents test kits anyway :p

I decided to see the doctor a little later this time, lest it was too early to detect heartbeat, causing stress. I also decided to see another doctor this time, cos (a) last doc was very expensive, and (b) he would nag at my weight - I want my final pregnancy to be stress free and I want to eat as I please.

Sunday, 21 Feb 2016

But delaying the trip to the doctor wasn't without stress. I was worrying about the lack of symptoms except for a few pimples... Checked past diaries - morning sickness started after 5 and 7 weeks for ZK and ZY respectively... I was about 5.5 weeks so ok...

Tuesday, 23 Feb 2016

Plenty of burps today. Could be the start of morning sickness or due to the ride to Paya Lebar for work this morning.

Wednesday, 24 Feb 2016

Ok, morning sickness has arrived. I felt bad generally - chest, stomach, thick saliva though not pooling yet...

Friday, 26 Feb 2016

Couldn't help but test again :p The treatment line came out immediately - good!

Sunday, 28 Feb 2016

Gosh, I had to eat all the time to feel better but I was really not hungry!! Recalled my fried bee hoon breakfast with ZY, hmmm....

Friday, 4 Mar 2016

Ventured out to town for our date night. Was trying a top in Uniqlo when I found a dark line down from my belly button. Woah, that was fast!

I could hardly walk coming home *.*

Monday, 7 Mar 2016 - 7w3d

Finally saw my baby!! Expected on 21 Oct 2016 :)

Found this doc through SF. He seems more cautious than my previous one, told me to avoid carrying ZK and ZY. Don't know if my body was scared of him - I started spotting shortly after testing positive but today, clear! Nonetheless, he gave me a jab and some progesterone to take.

Oh, and I weighed in at 65.7 kg (!) - would I hit 80 kg at the end of this?! *.*

Wednesday, 9 Mar 2016 - 7w5d

Felt. Like. Shit.

Thursday, 10 Mar 2016 - 7w6d

ZK wanted to see the baby. He told me to cut my tummy to show him then put it back *.*

Monday, 14 Feb 2016 - 8w3d

Woke with a mega backache. Recalled that I had backache with ZK and had to sleep upright sometimes. Sito recalled the same with ZY; I couldn't remember *.*

Wednesday, 16 Mar 2016 - 8w5d

There was a durian party in the office. I had some five seeds of D24 at about 5 pm. So yummy!

But it all came up that evening back home while ZK was showering :( ZY saw me, and said mama poo poo....

Btw, it was really yucky throwing up durian. No more durian until I get better.

Monday, 21 Mar 2016 - 9w3d

I was changing and bent over ZY for my clothes. He reached up with both hands and squeezed my belly W *.*

Ok, nothing related to my little monkey :p

Tuesday, 22 Mar 2016 - 9w4d

I started having an aversion to cleansing products perhaps a few days back. Today, I barely got dressed after showering when I had to puke. Almost couldn't make it to the toilet.

Sito saw me vomit and said that it was very violent compared to ZK's time. I didn't vomit with ZY. He said it was a girl. Hmmm..

ZK saw me vomit. I had earlier told him that I wasn't feeling well cos of the baby. At bed time, he told me that when the baby came out, I would feel better. Awww...

Wednesday, 23 Mar 2016 - 9w5d

Puked again, also in the evening. These evenings, I had been sitting on the floor just watching the kids have dinner. I couldn't go inside the room when they showered cos I couldn't take the smell. I felt miserable...

And I was regretting booking the trip to Penang this weekend. Would I survive?!

Thursday, 24 Mar 2016 - 9w6d

On this child care centre closure day, I was supposed to make pizza with the kids. But gastric pains struck when I woke. I couldn't do anything but stay in bed. When Mother came over, I told her about the pregnancy. Then I stayed in bed until lunch. Then I had to pack for Penang.

By evening time, it got better but the morning sickness came back. Just thankful I didn't vomit.

Friday, 25 Mar 2016 - 10w

Woke with gastric pains again but not as bad as yesterday. Just a dull constant pain... And we were in Penang! More on that separately...

I wondered if nausea was being replaced by gastric pains...

Saturday, 26 Mar 2016 - 10w1d

I woke with no symptoms - no gastric, no nausea, no backache! So relieved! But I was worrying too - why no symptoms?! So conflicted....

Got a little queasy on the mini bus so that settled my mind a little.. By nightfall, the nausea was back *.*

I suspected the chendol yesterday helped with nausea but I didn't get to eat that again this trip :(

Sunday, 29 Mar 2016 - 10w2d

Puked back in Singapore. Ah well, just be glad I survived the trip!

Thursday, 31 Mar 2016 - 10w6d

All the symptoms came back on Monday. Then I had a respite of two days when I didn't feel too bad in the day. Maybe cos I had yummy chendol from hawker centre ^_^ But just as I thought the worst was over, I puked again.

Monday, 4 Apr 2016 - 11w3d

Back to the doc! After all the heavy breakfast at Old Chang Kee every day, was surprised to find that I weighed the same - 65.6 kg! In fact, I was 100 g lighter! Haha! Perhaps cos I couldn't eat much at dinner.

Baby had changed so much - it was more like a baby now, and moving so much! :)

To be honest, with all the morning sickness and work (arrowed for COS this year), I didn't think much about the baby. Unlike with ZK when I kept talking to him in the early days. Even ZY got a few words from me, oops...

When I saw baby move today, I started feeling an attachment... And it was a good feeling :)

Today was also the day for two tests. A technician drew seven tubes of blood from me for the two tests - seven!! Best part was when the needle went in and the blood started flowing, I could hear it bloody flowing!! Now that was a first! He said it was flowing fast so I had to relax else I could affect the flow. He did a good job - fast and painless and he distracted me from the flow. But I can still feel a bit of the bruise which appeared two days later..

Then I went downstairs with one tube of blood to do the OSCAR scan. They sent the rest for the Harmony Test.

The waiting room smelled like fresh shower - what a nightmare. It took all of me to focus on my peppermint oil so I don't vomit. Oh, and I had a stomachache too while waiting. I started having this bad stomachache since Saturday, accompanied by diarrhoea. I thought I ate something bad but I'm still experiencing it now on-off. Perhaps my constipation had turn 180 degrees... Or I had too much sng muay...

Finally it was my turn. Baby was still moving a lot!! But she eventually managed to get all the scans required.

Oh, I decided that Melodies of Life would be baby's theme song - it came to me during the seven tubes of blood.

Saturday, 9 Apr 2016 - 12w1d

Felt a twinge in the left boobie. Then I found crusty nipples like with ZY. My milk glands are being activated! I'm hoping to breastfeed as long as possible this time - my last baby! So I hope baby will be a good drinker and doesn't self wean so early like ZY...

Sunday, 10 Apr 2016 - 12w2d

Had a shock when I found red spotting in the evening :( Wondered if it was because I carried ZY and bounced him between the two paintings in the living room and kitchen. Both the boys enjoyed this.


Monday, 11 Apr 2016 - 12w3d

The symptoms were strong this morning. Super stressed. And the red spotting continued. Made an appointment with the doc. By noon, I felt the nausea again which was a relief.

He was surprised to see me again so soon but when he heard about the red spotting, he agreed I should check it out. He found clots down there :( But when he brought the scanner to my belly, I could see a moving baby even before the thing could focus. Phew!

And it just so happened that the results of the Harmony Test came in over lunch that day. So both tests gave me a low risk rating, and.....

It's a boy!!!!

mf: Again?! Haha!
Doc: Blame your husband!

Called Sito at the lift lobby to deliver the news. He had a similar reaction haha! But happy that tests showed low risk.

And, I must be honest - I was a little disappointed that I won't have a little girl to doll up. And no more fantasising over the name 甄嬛 haha!! But I found myself quite happy too. As long as he's healthy. I was smiling all the way to Ion, when I got some supplies from Daiso before heading home.

ZK had earlier said he wanted a 妹妹 so we told him just before bedtime that there would be no 妹妹but he would get another 弟弟 instead. But he wanted 妹妹! Then, ok, he would have two 弟弟 but he changed his mind quickly: I want 10 弟弟!

I think we have different understanding of 弟弟 *.*

And a thought came to me while writing this: With three boys, 我们家要变花果山了!


My extra workload finally ended on Tuesday 9 pm. Got myself a huge cup of bubble tea to last five hours from 4 pm! Bubble tea - it's my saviour and morning sickness antidote.

I promptly fell ill on Wednesday. Sneezed an amazing number of times in the morning. After a meeting and packing my things for the move tomorrow (yes, it's very irritating - my office is moving AGAIN!), I left for home. After all, doc gave me a one-week MC! But I couldn't sleep!

And mid afternoon, the centre called to tell me about ZY measuring 40 degrees. Glad I was home - rushed him back to give him medicine. All fine now though he was quite cranky yesterday evening.

Still resting at home today. Cleared some emails this morning and now just catching up on some blogging.

More on monkey baby to come! :)

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  1. Many congratulations!! =) You are so much braver than me! haha! Hope this will be a smooth pregnancy (morning sickness aside...)!


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