Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Busy Mama still wants to write about Yu

I always have to count from October when thinking about Yu's age - he's past 16 months now. And the poor dude has been missing his growth updates from Mama!


不舍得!So sorry my baby but Mama has been pulling late nights to make up for arriving in office late and leaving early. No one is counting hours but there's so much work! And then there's moving to settle but that's a whole story for another day...

I'll start from the latest happenings..

Yu loves having his brothers push him around!


And then he tried to push Kai!

Wondered if this was how it started coz I went into the room only when Kai called me in

And this baby loves fruits!

It's a huge strawberry!

He loved it and finished it!

Copying Yang who sat there yesterday; I piled on the toys and he was so happy!

No time to post video but yesterday he also pushed himself around on the excavator at Mum's place - with one leg coz he had to tilt to one side to reach the floor haha!

We think he's doing some things earlier than his brothers. Last weekend too, he was pulling a little truck around. We have three of those toys and his brothers started pulling them around past two.

On LNY eve, he said a very loud BAAAAYE when we left Mum's place. He can also say "more more" when he wants more snacks. Or "preh" when he wants to press something - with his forefinger only please. And "boh" when playing peekaboo - so cute :) At night, he says nainai, ah nainai a tad too often - not so cute...

Pressing the door button

Oh and he has been wearing pull-ups! He can pull it quite down now...!

I have missed out recording so many of his moments but third kid - sorry! Hopefully I'll be less busy from April onwards - less commuting, less working from home, more time for the things I want to do!

Next up - hope to write about the things the kids say :p

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