Friday, 30 March 2018

Two weeks in

In the flash of an eye, we have slept in our new house for two weeks. Unpacking is still ongoing - actually it's more of putting things in their right place but it's also very hard!

Here are some random shots of our life in the past two weeks.

Yu putting toys through the grilles and retrieving them

First dip in the pool!

The boys were very happy!

Sitting on the floor coz no sofa until last Saturday

Yu does it so often *.*

Kiddy activities downstairs! They were making SLIME :p

Yu looking at the pool - so cute!

Universal Design for persons of all abilities indeed...

We realised very quickly that it is much easier to "lose" kids in this house - four rooms, of which two were connected by a balcony. The two connected rooms felt magical, like Monsters Inc!!

Moving to Bukit Panjang meant the end of crazy HV-BP-Redhill-BP-HV commutes. We "upgraded" to less crazy BP-HV-Redhill-HV-BP commutes. We started with Sito joining me in the morning and N in the evening to help take care of Yu. But with the electricity work on our first Tuesday, I had to leave N at home and fetch Yu on my own, gasp!

Turned out Yu was very kind to me!

But gosh, it started pouring when I pulled up at his school and I had to drive in heavy rain the whole way! Stressful! Just glad he didn't cry like he did towards the end of the journey the past three times.

Turned the TV towards the dining table for Kai and Yang, and caught Yu and Boo in the picture :p

Our new house is full of knocks already, with the latest casualty being the wall behind the sofa - I got the drawing board so that they won't draw on the wall, right? Wrong! The markers found their way to the wall in two little hands - Yang's and Yu's.

But Yang is so happy with the board!

We're so near the farms now!

We all still refer to our home as "new house". Sometimes, the kids would check to make sure we were coming back here and not the old house. Sometimes, I thought of the old house and felt sad - it's hard to put into words but 心酸 kind of cuts it. I'm a little apprehensive about going back tomorrow morning - arranged for people to get the buffet table and the dining set. We shall see how...

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