Saturday, 10 February 2007

Spring cleaning

I knew that I would be too busy to do a proper one so I had been diligently "clearing house" since Nov last year.

The soft toys were the first to go. As a kid, I loved these things but never had many; about half of my collection were presents from 7-19, the rest in my 20s. A bit strange considering the length of each period!

Last Christmas, I packed a full bag of toys to the
Boys' Brigade Sharity Box. Unlike CY, there’s no space for display where I stay and I only play with Meh, Eeyore and Bow anyway. Rather than letting them sit idle and neglected in my box in the cupboard, they might be happier with children who could appreciate them and in turn make these children happier..

This was from Yan in 1992, lovely elephant, still so clean cos I never played with it, but, oh so sweet!

Spidey was from an older cousin when I was even younger, maybe 9? It’s a glove but of course my hands are now too big for it..

PS: Those received in the past couple of years are still with me, no worries, just that I don’t guarantee their longevity with me, heh heh :p Oops, the
sheep next to me (last picture in link) is now looking at me through big fearful eyes :p

Also had to empty out a few cupboards in preparation for the upgrading. Haven’t touched my old Pentax since I got my Ixus in 2004. Found that it has since died from old age. Lots of sentimental value cos it was my first camera and the one that accompanied me through Oxford and so many cities. I couldn’t bear to throw it but there’s no point keeping it too, sighs..

Then I also dug out my pretty musical box. Found some old earrings and some pretty hair pins. Dumped the earrings but kept the pins. I thought they were Mother’s cos I asked her for them many years back when I saw them in her jewel box. But she now said they didn’t belong to her. Oh well, I like these old pins, will keep :)

Don’t think I’ll have time to clean out my books but I'll attempt to arrange them neatly under my mattress.. Gosh, I need to factor in a book shelve in my room… Maybe the soft toys can sit on the same shelves? :)

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  1. OH MY!i like ur musical pretty.....miss our old childhood days worr


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