Friday, 19 January 2007

Festive season 2006/2007

It's a bit late but well, mf has been busy :p


Tried to go to the zoo on the eve but started out too late and it was raining. Ended up sobbing over Charlotte’s Web and searching for a Pizza Hut from Tomato Town to Bishan to Toa Payoh! It was only later that I realised that there was one in Tomato Town but it had taken residence next to KFC!

Had a delightfully quiet Christmas this round, first in four years. Walked by the church nearby and admired the stained glass. 平安夜 indeed :)

Had a nice long chat with Na on Christmas day, お久しぶりでね! We also had fun making kitty chocolates but the attempt wasn’t too successful and we made only two for tea.. Still, cute right? :)

New Year

Went for countdown. Saw the band before at Bar None but it was more enjoyable at Pump Room. The countdown was quite strange, like they just anyhow decided that ok, midnight in 10 seconds!

Oh, the beer was awful and we were there for only a short while, so no large amounts of alcohol :p

Went for supper at this place near the studio where I used to pass by often and drool over the fragrance of food.. But I didn’t eat cos I wasn’t hungry..

Na got a cab at 2+; Sito and I took the next vacant one at freaking 530am!! That’s it! No more NY countdowns in town from now!

I downed some bird’s nest and slept half-(un)dressed with my fake eyelashes still stuck on my eyelids!

Yes, me in my fake eyelashes, they gave me double eyelids! Can see? :p

I slept amazingly little. Met KLK at 3pm to buy food in the new NTUC FairPrice Xtra in Tomato Town. My second time there, so crowded but man, what an auntie haven! :p

Cookout was at Kel’s place. I was utilising eye power most of the time, leaving Kel, YX and SY to do most of the work :p Tok, Kok and D joined us for dinner. Moh and W came by while we were playing mahjong (I didn’t win a single game, zero; even newbie Tok won *.*) and we had dessert, courtesy of D - absolutely yummy! She gave me the apple crumble recipe, which I’ll try once I get an oven :)

Oh, and it is 2007.. Hmm, I resolve to

1) Do a 10km jog within two hours by end of 2007! Don’t laugh, I used to fail 2.4km!
2) Not get wasted and puke..
3) Lose 3kg. Better still, lose a few more inches; I can now wear my pre-Oxford jeans, almost there…
4) Pass my driving test *fingers crossed*
5) Read more, especially the books I bought in 2006
6) Make myself heard
7) Be really happy


Had to work that Sat and stayed later than expected. But Na was delayed as well so just nice..We went shopping in Orchard!! Bought a Mickey top, lingerie and a moisturiser - happy :) (Wow, one NY resolution is happening already!)

Next was dinner with Sito - we had shabu shabu! Yummy :) And, I said something stupid when unwrapping my present.. The charger appeared first..

mf: But I don't have an iPod..
Sito: Now you do!

Kek?! I dug in and found a bright pink iPod nano! *drool to the floor* I have grand plans to burn all my CDs inside, otherwise I seldom have the chance to listen to them..

Sunday, dim sum lunch, also with The Otoko, before a session of feet reflexology at the blind uncle’s place. But we didn’t get the blind uncle cos he was reserved, sighs..

CY took leave on Monday to go out with me :) And we went shopping, this time in Vivocity! I bought a nice top in size 14 cos I liked it and there was no smaller size, a pretty green top and a lovely purple dress. I also tried the tube dress in the same design as the green top - I’ve never seen myself looking so hot ok.. Haha! But it being a tube dress and short means I won’t get much chance to wear it..

Dinner was hilarious! CY said it all here..

This cute round sheep was from CY! Now resting on my desk at work :)

Oh, in the left corner sits a tatty angel from Kel a couple of years back..

Alright, I am 27 now! Counted a total of 23 well wishes in all, mostly via sms - guess what? Yes! Prime number!! :p

Thank you all for remembering, for celebrating for me, especially Na, Sito and CY :)


  1. Hey dear! No prob ya! Your bird-dae prezzie is with me. Fresh from Kunming. Remember to collect! Heh... Clue: It's from the same place as last year... Na

  2. Those cookies are so cute!!

  3. when i lk at ur foto,i feel like squeezing ur MEHHHHH!


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