Friday, 5 January 2007


My poor laptop is ill, attacked by W32.Rungbu.C =( The specific organ infected is word doc. Have backed up key word docs in text files.

Now I can't see file extensions in file explorer. When I attach word doc to email, it says .scr instead of .doc. The only thing I'm glad of is that such emails never reach the receipients so I can't infect others.. Did some testing: emails with word doc can be sent if I zip the word doc or encrypt the email.

... Wa liao! Word leh!! How to work?! Apparently I was infected on the first day of work in 2007 - how suay is that?!

Worse, a meeting has been brought forward to 18 Jan, which means I need to rush a lot of things, all in word! I'm so dead... Now waiting for IT to come help..


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