Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Did anyone miss my random bits?

1) On a hectic work day, a few hours after emergency work arrived..

mf: I need to pee. I think I should go pee.
SF: Yes, you should!!

2) Learnt one day that steriods can make a girl more "manly"..

mf: Oh no! My nasal spray contained some kind of steroids! I used that for more than a year before I started my clinical trial..

*2 seconds later*

mf: I also used a nasal spray for a while in my adolescence.. Is that why I am flat..

3) You know, where two mirrors meet in a right angle, the image is twice reflected so you see your image the way people see you. I was staring at the corner of the studio one day and decided that I looked better reflected just once *.*

4) I had the weirdest, um, treatment one day. Let’s not go into details but when I opened my eyes - surprise! I've never seen myself like that! *.*

.. One term came to mind - 小日本! CY, right? :p

5) One night, I was outside MND building and complaining to Na on the phone that I had no cash cos I had mixed up MND building with MOM building; the latter had ATM machines.

The next morning, I suddenly remembered that I had drawn cash from Tomato Town MRT before I left for the MND area *.*

6) Met YX and Kel for dinner and drinks one Monday. Was very hungry so I walked ahead rather quickly..

YX: This one has long legs..
Kel : And fat, like the trottles hanging in the market.. but alive! Eh, 活的, 别跑!

7) Kel brought me a copy of MC "A" level paper. I tried the first question on inequality, and failed horribly :( Both of them had to correct me..

Second chance came in a Xmas card from Kel, a differentiation-integration question. I failed miserably again!! I give up!

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  1. oh yes......i like 小日本...


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