Friday, 29 December 2006

Happy 2007!

Last post of 2006! And also the 500th post since Dec 2004!

First of all, NY parties! Going to Pump Room with Na this Sunday to 忘年, perhaps with "large amounts of alcohol" :p

bōnenkai (Japanese: 忘年会, lit. "forget the year gathering") is a Japanese drinking party that takes place at the end of the year, and is generally held among groups of co-workers or friends. The purpose of the party, as its name implies, is to forget the woes and troubles of the past year, usually accomplished by consumption of large amounts of alcohol. A bōnenkai does not take place on any specific day, but they are usually held in December.

shinnenkai (Japanese 新年会, lit. "new year gathering") is the Japanese tradition of welcoming the arrival of the new year, usually by the drinking of alcohol. A shinnenkai is generally held among co-workers or friends in early January.

Then, 新年会 is on the first day of 2007 at Kel’s with KLK, likely alcohol-free :p And I'm trying out new recipes :)

That will be followed by my birthday weekend. So far, I know of three key events: with Na, Sito and CY. Others, pls take a queue number :p

I’ll be back in the brand new 2007 with um, more of mf! Happy new year, everyone! It’s a great, happy year ahead, I’m very sure! :)

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  1. yeaps!japan lks great.....yeah lkin fwd to our trip


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