Wednesday, 27 December 2006

Happy occasions

Many many these two months! :) But I’ll just talk about two similar ones:

1) 玲妹妹出嫁了!
And the first time we met her husband was at their wedding on Sat.. I thought they were very cute, like, so shy! :p

That was the first thing; second was that HL was absolutely stunning when she was all dolled up! Should do so more often, don't waste your potential :)

The couple was of course busy floating from one table to the next, so it was towards the end when we had HL to ourselves for a short while.

When SZ got married, Kel wrote in her card that she had beaten HL to it! We were kidding about how he would write the same in SY's if SY had got married before HL! And for me, I had a joke in my mind that he might as well save the card and sms me, "when can I write in YOUR card?!" :p

2) SY 也嫁人了!

To prevent Kok from objecting to SY's marriage, we showed up only at the end of the solemnisation; we all know of Kok's longstanding crush on the bride, oooh.. :p But honestly, we were just inexcusably late, a full car of six very sorry friends *pout*

Second pretty bride in a month already. I was very inspired; I would go for a bridal makeover!!

The newlyweds were made to sing, and they did - how sweet :) They were almost made to dance too!

Later, we were talking rubbish again. Apparently I had been "upgraded" from ISLB to ISUB since SY, the standard ISUB, is now married..! Then we were driving past Changi village when we started talking about transvestites and how pretty they could be. Somehow the guys asked Kok to choose between a transvestite and me.. I stared at Kok :p Then when they learnt how they grew breasts, they offered to get me oestrogen for my birthday! Gaar!

PS: Sadly, no pictures.. My camera died just before HL's wedding and when it was revived, I forgot to charge my battery for SY's wedding! Will you girls send us photos, pretty pls? :)

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