Friday, 1 December 2006

CY's very happy birthday

CY had to work on her birthday so we celebrated earlier on Sat at East Coast Park. I'll let the pictures speak.. (But forgot to upload large image size.. Just click to enlarge..)

That's JK with my egg mayo..

That's CY and mf showing off melted choc on Gardenia!

"Put your head on my shoooulder.."

CY: Can't get FM93.3..
mf: I try... There..
CY, JK: Got to hold it leh.. Statue of Liberty!
mf: Where's the Declaration?
*Chums pass newspapers to mf*

CY's rabbit pose with mf's brandmark pose

JK's "omg" pose with none other than mf's brandmark pose again!

Aiyoh so cute! :p

I have a wicked caption for this but nvm! :p

Can't help but feel like a sneering hyena!

Wa liao, I've never seen CY looking so.. dodgy!

Des joined us at Coffee Beans

First we tried to smooch..

Then we hugged! (And almost broke my back)

And the guys did a copy-cat..

We cycled to Des's Chalet. The guys helped CY with her bag and looked like a couple of aunties :p

Hardly a year went by without me assuming some ghost pose *.*

A decent shot.. But that doesn't look like JK's hand..

And we went crazy again!

Des: Come, take a photo..
mf: Ok.. Boy, I feel thin next to you..

And I get my retribution..

(I cheated; I cropped this one - shorts were, um, too short to cover my big fat thighs! :p)

Ok la, a proper one.. (Really, I'm thin here right? :p)

After gorging the whole day, Des couldn't take it and started foaming at the mouth..

CY and I were rather tired the whole day but it was so much fun! :) We should do this again, maybe my birthday? Oh d'oh, you just hit 26 and I'm on the bullet train to 27 already :p


  1. ya must do it again so fun!sure on ur da shou.
    think our poses all very funie
    when i lk thru wat u wrote,i can't helped laughin haaa.....

  2. What wonderful photos!! You look like you all had a great time!! :-)


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