Sunday, 26 November 2006

Late Friday madness

Every Fri, I would go to work happy - cos it's Fri! - even though I know that at the end of the day, I would likely be working until quite late, either cos there is work or cos I have no exciting plan.

But yesterday, um, two days ago, I had a great time though I ended late. CY messaged me at 9+ when she left work so we met for a late dinner in J8. I ordered a chicken foldover minus mayo but got one with mayo. I didn't notice and took a bite at one corner before the chap found me, gave me the right one and dumped the wrong fella!

Anyway, that's not the point. We were both so tired but it seemed that laughter (and nonsense) would not desert beaten bodies and minds..

Warning: girls' talk and morbidity ahead..

1) I'll call this human anatomy..

Told her about this 13-year-old who got pregnant and her 16-year-old bf who was likely headed for the boys' home. Imagine, 13 leh! And some 30-year-olds are still virgins! I recalled a conversation with SZ many years back that it was amazing how kids knew how to have sex.. Survival instinct?

Topic veered to our, um, first period, which we recalled with much amusement.. We did have nurses going round the primary schools talking about puberty and distributing pads before that but well they didn't seem to be too effective cos when the inevitable really happened, we were like, "Oh no, what's this? Am I going to DIE?!" :p

CY told me this schoolmate was saying that every time she did standing broad jump, she thought her pad would fly out! That just sent us into fits!!

2) And this could be nothing but morbidity..

Thought of this suddenly some time ago in the bathroom. Maybe cos I've always been paranoid about slipping to my death or worse in the stupid bathroom.

Nowadays, the only contacts we have of friends are (a) mobile, (b) email, and (c) MSN or equivalent, unless you're close enough to have the home number. Then if I were to die suddenly, many people would not know cos I sure as hell could not respond to your beeping! And knowing the mother, she would sooner switch off my mobile.

And CY said a friend cancelled her landline cos no one uses it! There..

So, my dearest friends who have the house number, pls leave a comment in this space if you realise my demise.. I mean, no one reads the obitraries every day right?!

That led to pictures in obitraries. She would take a photo with Mini her dear rabbit and of course I would take one with my Meh. And btw, if I die, pls place Meh next to me.. I'll take her with me to sayang..

Suddenly inspired to come up with a will..

Getting too late and too full of nonsense.. I should sleep.. tired but it was a very happy Sat - will blog when pictures are in.. Happy birthday, CY!! :)

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  1. that morbid tots.....but tt's fact of life....


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