Thursday, 23 November 2006

In the red

Big ticket items this year:
body treatments: $2,000
Pinky: $1,000
Kyushu: $2,300

Other big cheques coming up:
Japan, the free-and-easy after Kyushu: $1,500
Insurance and savings plans: $4,200

Total: $11,000

Then the news came: year-end bonus of 2.2 months. Combine that with the 0.5 month in July, and the performance bonus in March, I have a slight deficit.

Think I should review my spending habits for 2007..

body facial treatments: $2,000 *sighs*
Pinky: $1,000 no new phone!
Kyushu Hokkaido: $2,300 $3,000

Total, including insurance and savings plans: $9,200

I'll incur less if I stop having those giant pimples - better start drinking more water!


  1. Yeah I'm not sure if the bonus can cover my credit card bills. I'm also in the deficit, except I'm not slightly, but a lot! Sighz... No new phone, facial package or Japan trip for me in 2007. Na

  2. In denial is bliss. I stop looking into my accounts for a while. Besides, I have no bonus to cover my deficit. Time to knock off. Have a nice weekend.



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