Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Introducing miso

I realise that I often make up conversations in my head - when I'm commuting, waiting for people, lazing in bed; whenever I'm on my own, whenever I'm bored. I would have a thought on something, then I would respond to that thought; a question would pop into my head, and I would answer it myself.

Think I prefer to talk with myself than simply to myself. Hence I created a twin for mf. Let's call her miso. You may speculate on the meaning but she is not the soup.

The first conversation with my identified other..

mf: The day off diet sounds interesting.. My day off could be Fri or Sat..
miso: You mean once a week you take a day off bingeing to eat healthily for once?
mf: *.*

Expect more of miso..


  1. Hi miso! Let's chat sometimes! *conveniently ignores mf* Hey maybe I need to name my alter ego too. miso, any ideas?


  2. yo miso! i have this habit too u know?! lets call my twin "momo". not the jap momo peach also... haaa

    - tian

  3. The last time I ate healthy, I got food poisoning, lol.

  4. i realise i talk to myself too..sometimes i feel it's crazy:)


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